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Food potato protein powder (056231)

Food potato protein powder (056231)

USD 400 / Metric Ton ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 1 Metric Ton

[English name]: Potato Extract

[Latin Name]:Solanum tuberosum

[Active ingredients]: Potato Protein Powder

[Specification]: Potato Protein 5%-60%

[Test method]: UV

What is Potato extract?

Potato extract is pure protein concentrate, have a variety of balanced amino acid composition, has a high nutritional value. Potato protein is a kind of potential health food. Potato extract is rich in protein, crude fiber, carbohydrate, provide a nutritional elements for humans. Potato protein contains a lot of stick body protein, gluing body protein is a mixture of more than one kind of glycoproteins, can prevent cardiovascular system of fat deposition, maintain the elasticity of the arteries, prevent atheromatous premature, also can prevent the atrophy of the connective tissue in the liver and kidney, keep the respiratory and digestive tract lubrication. Prevention and control of potato protein and sweet potato protein can collagen vascular diseases. Potato protein is a kind of to the elderly invaluable health food, and have important physiological function of health care.


1. Antioxidation, antimutation and liver protection.

2. Strengthen body physiques.

4. It is becoming the optimum food owning to its non-pollution, green and organism characteristics.

5. Purple Potato embody affluent nutrition of Selenium and anthocyanidin

Medicinal Value
It can be used for treating stomach pain, mumps rib, carbuncles, eczema, burns, and it is healthy

stomach medicine and drug detoxification swelling, sweet natured.

The new dietary guidelines recommend that each person should eat potatoes week about 5 times

the 50 grams -100 grams. Per 100 grams of potatoes (potatoes) up to 300 milligrams of

potassium, are more than 20 kinds of regular consumption of fruits and vegetables in the most

potassium. Japan, a study found that a week to eat 5 to 6 potatoes can decrease stroke risk by

40%.According to foreign studies have shown that potatoes contain

  • Type : potato starch
  • Place of Origin : Russia
  • white : white

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