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Our offered Product range includes Drader Injectiweld, Hand Held Air Nippers, Aquaflame Flame Polishing, Thermocutter Hot Knife and Hot Air Welding Kits.

Drader Injectiweld

  • Weight 5.95 lbs
  • Temperature Range: 220°C to 310°C (428°F to 590°F)
  • Fuse Rating: 120 Volt Model = One 4 amp Fast-Blow Fuse

Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld area to fuse the plastic together and form a sound weld. Since the orifice in the weld tip is submerged, surface preparation is not necessary and virtually no oxidation takes place during the welding process. The result is an efficient quality weld, produced without using hot air or gas.

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Hand Held Air Nippers

  • Overall Length (mm) 112
  • Body Diam. (mm) 23
  • Wgt. (g) 95

8 models available All models feature safety locking lever operation Ergonomically designed Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome in your work place by replacing manual nippers with air powered nippers Lightweight Either right- or left-hand operation End cap rotates 180° for easy adjustment Virtually maintenance free One year warranty

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Aquaflame Flame Polishing

  • Maximum flame temperature: 3300c
  • Distilled water use (per day): 30 ml 50 ml 100 ml

The Aquaflame 500 and 800 system produces hydrogen and oxygen by the electrolysis of distilled water, in the ratio such that the hydrogen can be burnt in the oxygen. This produces a high energy heat source that is highly controllable and efficient. The only other by-product is water, making it truly efficient and environmentally safe.

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Thermocutter Hot Knife

  • Dimensions 7½" x 8½" x 117/8"
  • weight : 30 lbs

These hot knife Thermocutters feature an electrically (110V) heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and effortlessly. Heats up instantly. Transformer steps voltage down to a safe level. Cuts through material up to 5 inches thick low density material.This hot knife Thermocutter is designed for continuous, industrial operation— including on-off batch production, use at a central work station or on-site.

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Hot Air Welding Kits

F0154S QUICK-SE (electronic) 120V 1300W T4003 Nozzle 40mm, flat T4002 Nozzle 20mm, flat F4000 Nozzle 5mm, round F5012 5mm, Round Push-on Speed Welding Nozzle F5015 Push-on Tacking tip T6997 Pressure Roller 50mm, 1-axle TB-101 Toolbox for Welding Kit, metal

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Overlap Welder

  • Voltage: 230V 3300 Watts, 20mm & 30mm
  • Temp.: 68 - 1290°F (20 - 700°C) infinitely variable
  • Dimensions 21 x 11 x 13¾ inches
  • Weight 38.5 lbs with 23' (7m) connection cable

The FORSTHOFF-P2 has been put to effective use in the tent, tarpaulin, advertising banner and industrial fabrics industries. Forsthoff has produced overlap welders for 25 years and that experience has lead to the advanced FORSTHOFF-P2.

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Hot and Cold Strip Cutters

  • Cutting Length 33 ft. approx
  • Power Supply 120 Volts / No air required
  • Feeding Speed Adjustable to 13 inches per second
  • Cutting Width 4 inches

The GHC-530 automatically cuts elastic, webbing (up to 14-inch thick), ribbons, belt loops, Velcro, nylon cords, leather, safety belts, rubber and tapes to desired lengths. Hot version seals edges of synthetic materials to prevent fraying. A pneumatic or "Air" version of this machine is also available which features variable dwell time.

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saw blades

  • Material Thin Acrylic
  • Material Thickness 0.0" - 1.0"

NEW, patent-pending design circular saw blades cut acrylics and other plastic materials smoother, cleaner and quieter than ever before... longer sharp-life, too! These new blades have “reinvented the wheel” when it comes to cutting plastics. The Innovative, “Acryc RV Series” allows your table saws, panel saws, beamsaws or miter saws to cut plastics as never before. Come from 10" to 20" diameter with expansion slots and a variety of tooth configurations.

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Extrusion Welder

  • Output 2.0 lbs/hr (0.9 kg/h) (with HDPE rod 4mm)
  • Heating extruder 300 W/ air 1300 W
  • Drive 460 W

Extrusion welding for PE, PP, PVC Temperature probe, located in the melt chamber Rod feeding, no additional gearing Control units for actual desired mass temperature Cold start protection Rod diameter 3mm (18") and 4mm (532") 1 nozzle blank included Machine stand and case included

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Tube-Q Hot Air Tool

  • Weight 3 lbs, 8 oz.
  • Air Output 400 l/min
  • Heating Capacity 1650W @120VAC

With tube handle design and double turbine system for even more air flow. Using the same high quality reliable German-made parts as the Quick-SE (hot air tool), the Tube-Q welder offers you a choice in handle designs. Converts to a hand-held plastic welder with the addition of accessories.

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