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Our product range comtains a wide range of Rapid Test Packaging Machine, POUCHMASTER PAC SYSTEM and THERMAL PRINTMASTER

Rapid Test Packaging Machine

The Pouchmaster™ XII is the heart of our robotic work cells. From the design of its electrical and pneumatic circuitry to the simplicity of operation, the Pouchmaster™ XII has been built with the user in mind. This four-station-system is designed to open barrier material, premade pouches and bags of all types and sizes; including Tyvek and foils. It can accommodate widths up to twelve inches, or multiples thereof. The rotary manipulator is a cam-driven device that moves four, custom-designed, vacuum plates around its axis. Strategically positioned suction cups pick-up pouches from a preloaded magazine and rotate them to the appropriate work station. There, a modular, remote arm, fitted with another vacuum plate, opens the pouch. Product is deposited and the cycle repeats, automatically. Operation of the Pouchmaster™ XII is simple and operator training-need is minimal. Our custom-software-package accommodates three modes of operation. The MANUAL MODE permits the operator to control the cycle with a foot pedal. The AUTOMATIC MODE provides an adjustable cycle timer to repeat the cycle automatically. The INTEGRATED MODE uses vacuum sensors to control the automatic dispensing of the product, when used in conjunction with automated dispensing systems. The push button, shut-down mode, signals the Pouchmaster™ XII to stop picking pouches from the magazine and purges the rotary manipulator. When the last pouch has been processed, the system automatically stops. To permit quick and easy changeover from one pouch size to another, the customized vacuum plates can be designed to accommodate multiple pouch sizes. This custom design allows the plates to be permanently mounted to the manipulator and remote arm. The modularly designed Pouchmaster™ XII is lightweight and mounted on castor-rollers, making it easy to move to any location in the production line.

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The Pouchmaster™ PAC system starts with the Pouchmaster™ XII and employs conveyors and rotary closure systems to process products from 12 pound to 15 pounds; into premade bags. The bags are opened, filled and released onto a flat-bed conveyor system where an Automatic Gusset Tucking System prepares them to be fed into a Rotary Bag Closure System. The modularity of the Pouchmaster™ work cells enable a multitude of customized solutions to your package handling needs. Workstations, conveyors, sealers, and off-loading stations can be configured and arranged to suit a variety of system requirements. The Pouchmaster™ PAC System is a concept, specifically designed to address the ever-changing requirements of the contract packager and manufacturer. Our Pouchmaster™ Combo System includes a flat-bed conveyor to accommodate heavier bags, as well as Bar-Seal system to accommodate lighter weight pouches, with as many as two or three loading stations.

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Eliminate label costs and utilize accountability of pouches, bags, lidding stock and flat media! This printer gives the appearance of a preprinted pouch and the flexibility for JIT process control, providing a 'printed' look for multiple runs and an effective inventory cost control. The Thermal Printmaster™ starts where the roll ends: The Thermal Printmaster™ gives maximum variety and flexibility for printing on pouches, bags and flats; of Polymers Foils and Tyvek; with thickness up to 350 gm2 and pouch width of 1.25 to 6.00". 300 dpi resolution for needle-sharp logos text and bar codes - the newly developed Near-Edge Type Print Head with integrated temperature control shows its technical superiority.

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