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Our Complete range of products are AcPCA Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier, XVPX 3U VPX bootable SATA drive module, APA7 Modules, ARCX Rugged Embedded Computer and VPuu Conduction-Cooled Processor Board.

AcPCA Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier

AcPC8630A: Nonintelligent 3U cPCI IP Carrier, Front IO • Two IP module slots • Front access IO • Plug-and-play carrier configuration and interrupt support The AcPC8630A is a nonintelligent slave board that interfaces two IP modules to the CompactPCI® (cPCI) bus. All 100 IO points are brought out the front connectors for easy cable access. more >

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APA7 Modules

33, 280 logic cells • PCI Express bus interface • Conduction or air cooled The APA7-200 series provides a FPGA based user-configurable bridge between a host processor and a custom digital interface via PCI Express. These boards feature a best in class Artix®-7 interface to deliver the industry’s lowest power and high performance. Designed for COTS applications these FPGA-based digital IO modules deliver user- customizable IO, high-density, high-reliability, and high-performance at a low cost.

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ARCX Rugged Embedded Computer

Rugged Embedded Computer Features Intel® Core™ i7 CPU Acromag’s ARCX embedded computer is a customizable-off-the-shelf (COTS), SWaP-optimized deployable solution. This rugged, small form factor mission computer is designed for extreme rugged and MIL-AERO applications. This true COTS solution uses the Acromag COM Express Type 6 product platform.

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VPuu Conduction-Cooled Processor Board

AcroExpress™ VPX6600: 3U CPU Air or Conduction-Cooled Processor Board • 6th Generation Intel Xeon CPU • Programmable CPU power for heat sensitive applications • Intel C230 series CM236 PCH chipset • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions

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XVPX 3U VPX bootable SATA drive module

XVPX-9756: 3U VPX bootable SATASAS drive module • Connect as SATASAS drive OR via the PCIe interface • Supports dual slim SATA drives or a single 2.5" drive (rotating or solid state) • RAID 01 configurable with dual slim SATA drives

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16 channels voltage outputs

16 channels voltage outputs • Wide temperature range • PCIe bus interface The AP220 outputs analog voltage signals to drive up to 16 devices. When used with a carrier that holds two AcroPack AP modules, up to 32 voltage outputs can be obtained from a single card cage slot. Each output channel has its own 12-bit DA converter (DAC). Individual DACs are faster, and they eliminate glitches typically caused by the re-acquisition process of sample and holds found on multiplexed output boards.

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VPX4500: VPX Bus Carrier Cards for AcroPack® Modules • Three AcroPack or mini-PCIe module slots support any combination of IO functions • PCI Express version 2.1 compliant • Fused +1.5V, +3.3V, +5V, +12V, and -12V DC power is provided. A fuse is present on each supply line serving each AcroPack module • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled options The VPX4500 is a 3U VPX carrier for Acromag AcroPack (AP) mezzanine board modules. The carrier board provides a modular approach to system assembly since each carrier can be populated with any combination of analog inputoutput, digital inputoutput, communication, AP modules. The modularity allows the user to create a board which is customized to the application. This saves money and space; a single carrier board populated with AP modules may replace several dedicated function VPX boards. The VPX4500 carrier board provides impressive functionality at low cost.

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