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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Airport Light Bases, SafeControl Apron Management System, AGL-ACMS Monitoring System, Integrated Airfield Lighting Control and Airfield Lighting Tools

Airport Light Bases

Airport-Light bases are the universal mounting systems for installation of elevated and semi-flush lighting fixtures. The bases are factory made to a very demanding specification, fully tested and certified prior to shipment. Hot dip galvanization effectively protects these bases against corrosion and PCP grommets (ADB patented design) ensure watertight conduit entrances. Airport-Light bases provide easy installation and accept any kind of conduit. When used as transformer housing, the base is technically superior and cheaper and provides speedy inspection to facilitate trouble-shooting operations.

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SafeControl Apron Management System

ADB SAFEGATE’s SafeControl Apron Management uses integration and real-time intelligence to optimize the use of resources and improve the predictability of events on the apron. With a focus on streamlining the aircraft turnaround and pre-departure sequencing processes, airport and airline performance is enhanced through faster gate turns, reduced delays and congestion and increased productivity and cost-efficiency. Turn awareness and real-time management The strategic location at each gate, allows the Safedock A-VDGS to be used as intelligent sensors to track the progress of the aircraft turnaround and the position of aircraft in the gate area. SafeControl Apron Management is the integrator that connects the A-VDGS to flight information systems (FIS) and other systems or equipment on the apron to provide a real-time overview of gate status through constant monitoring of the A-VDGS and connected systems. The integrated system enables fully-automated docking and allows users to manage gate operations remotely from a centralized management system. Real-time gate availability, equipment status and other milestone information is shared between stakeholders, supporting airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) and allowing operators to manage in real-time to avoid disruptions and streamline the turn process. In an integrated set-up, the Safedock A-VDGS is used as a Ramp Information Display System (RIDS), to further improve communication. The system provides flight and ground crew with real-time data such as target off block times, countdown timers for specific actions or other information vital to the turn process. SafeControl Apron Management supports surface surveillance systems by using the A-VDGS to track aircraft movement within the gate area on arrival and during pushback and automatically sending position details to the A-SMGCS. Features & Functions: Enable fully-automated docking Configure adjacent gate rules to ensure compatibility Know the precise status of connected gate equipment Receive alerts to potential issues before an aircraft arrives Update flight database with the latest gateflight information Automatically send actual block IN & OUT times to flight database Share flight information with ground and flight crews through RIDS capability Warn operators of weather events Track and report use of ground support systems Track position of inoutbound aircraft within range of A-VDGS Integrate with cameras for a live feed of gate areas Produce valuable data that can be used to further improve performance Flexibility to expand and integrate with other systems

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AGL-ACMS Monitoring System

The computer-based control and monitoring system for airport lighting, AGL-ACMS - Airfield Ground Lighting Advanced Control and Monitoring System, belongs to the COSAL family, and is an ultra-flexible, reliable, open and scalable system that has been developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for military and civil airports. The clear hardware structure, along with a sophisticated software structure, is simple to operate and facilitates installation maintenance and service during the system's whole lifecycle. Centralized, partially distributed, or totally distributed sytesm layouts are possible. Based on the reequired level of availability a simple, a partially redundant, or a fully redundant system architecture can be selected.

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Integrated Airfield Lighting Control

AGLAS is an integrated Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System which allows Air Traffic Controllers to centrally and remotely control and monitor individual lights for the approach, runway, taxiway, stopbars and apron, improving safety and ground traffic efficiency. By allowing the ATC to switch on only lights required for specific visibility conditions, the AGLAS enhances life-time of the lamps greatly and reduces energy costs. A range of logging and analysis capabilities also makes maintenance planning easier. The AGLAS is multi-functional, modular and flexible, and can be customized on request depending on airport size, traffic volume, specific conditions or different CAT operating modes. It uses similar state-of-the-art powerline communication technology, as used today in all modern wireless applications, such as WiFi, BlueTooth, DAB, DVB etc. - FAA: Approved for use with SMGCS Systems. This includes both Stop Bar and Runway Guard Light controlmonitoring according to AC 1505340-28 (Current Edition); manufactured to AC 120-57 (Current Edition). Approved for Runway Status Lights System RWSL. - ICAO: Complies with CAT IIIIII ICAO lamp supervision requirements. Supports A-SMGCS for enhanced aircraft guidance in all weather conditions. Supports safety of airport operations by integration in runway safety nets.

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Airfield Lighting Tools

ADB SAFEGATE Americas offers a variety of Tools and Accessories including the F-Range Pressure Test Assembly, Cable End StripperPenciller, Crimping Tool, Elevated Light Level, 700-40 Plug Insertion Tool, Frangible Coupling Wrench, Setting Jig and Touch-up Paint. Read about the features and benefits of these products in the Tools and Accessories catalog sheet.

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Safedock A-VDGS

Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) provide active guidance to pilots to support safe, efficient and precise automated aircraft parking during virtually all operating conditions. Automation creates a safer operation by reducing the opportunity for error. Allowing pilots to self-park speeds up the docking process, aircraft are parked faster in all kinds of weather conditions, fuel burn and emissions are reduced and ground crew are free to focus on preparing the aircraft for departure. Technology is key to safety and performance To enable fully-automated docking, the Safedock A-VDGS are integrated with airport and airline systems, via SafeControl Apron Management, to access flight information such as arrival time, the scheduled aircraft type and adjacent gate rules. ADB SAFEGATE’s infrared laser and patented 3D scanning technology is critical to providing the accuracy, availability and flexibility necessary to automate the aircraft parking process. During the docking process the Safedock 3D technology actively scans the gate area both vertically and horizontally to capture and track aircraft. The unique ability to scan horizontally, allows the A-VDGS to measure parts of the aircraft on either side of the centerline to discriminate between aircraft types and subtypes. The 3D scan ensures aircraftgate compatibility to allow safe automated docking, and provides the flexibility to accommodate curved lead-in lines, multiple centerlines and challenging gate layouts. Safedock’s low visibility mode automatically detects and adjusts to ambient light to provide safe docking in all conditions. Safedock A-VDGS have been put to the test in the toughest real-world and simulated weather conditions and have proven to be effective in extremely wet, foggy, cold or desert environments. Read more about our Safedock system. All Safedock models include our proprietary 3D technology which has become the global standard in making automated aircraft parking possible by: ensuring gate compatibility, enabling safe docking in low visibility, and, accommodating virtually all gate layouts.

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