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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Aluminum Grades, 17-4PH Round Bar, 416 Cond T Round Bar, Aircraft Alloy Steel and Pump Shaft Quality

Aluminum Grades


Aluminum grades undergo rigorous mechanical testing to determine the heating condition and environment they are suitable at. Aluminum or aluminum alloy has an extensive range of different grades that have varied properties primarily ideal for many applications. Advance Grinding Services also has a continuous production of aluminum alloy products out of varying grades to meet the requirements set by different customers across local and global areas. Aluminum has these following grades, each suited and ideal for varied applications and uses.

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17-4PH Round Bar

17-4PH steel is an age-hardening steel is an age-hardening steel that has combined hardness and high strength with good resistance to corrosion. 17-4ph or 17-4 Precipitation Hardening is a chromium-copper precipitation hardening steel that is used for applications and environments which require corrosion resistance and high strength. This stainless steel grade has combined excellent hardness, high strength, and corrosion resistance. To manipulate good strength and toughness by the temperature range within the heat treating process. This stainless steel PH grade is a versatile precipitation-hardening steel that is readily weldable, machinable, and formable. However, a solution treated condition is not applicable for 17-4PH steels. Its fabrication techniques are quite similar to those established for regular stainless steel grades. 17-4PH forges easily and has exceptional welding characteristics. What makes this grade applicable to a vast range of uses is the combination of good mechanical and processing properties. Advance Grinding Services stocks 17-4PH Round Bars which are used where good resistance and high strength are required. They are also perfect for applications requiring good resistance to galling, high fatigue strength, and resistance to seizing and stress corrosion. 17-4PH is suitable for intricate parts which require extensive welding and machining, or where there exist a problem like distortion in conventional heat treatment. 17-4PH corrosion resistance is superior to that of hardenable straight chromium grades like 416. Its surface finish and an aging heat treatment can affect corrosion resistant properties.

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416 Cond T Round Bar

416 cond t round bar is a free-machining variation of stainless steel materials with its additional sulfur content. Round bar typically has the widest range of sizes and grades since it is used almost in all industrial and manufacturing applications. Different round bars are used in varying fields particularly ships, automobiles, aircraft, construction, industrial machines, and civil engineering. They should possess high durability and excellent mechanical properties such as tough strength, corrosion resistance, and ductility. Advance Grinding Services inventory of products include 416 Stainless Steel Grades and 416 Cond T Round Bar. 416 stainless steel bars are used in particular applications that require good mechanical properties and also involve corrosive conditions which are not too rigorous. Valves, machine parts, bolts, valve parts, screws, pistons, pump rods, cutlery, food industry machine parts, etc. Among all stainless steel materials, 416 cond t round bar possesses the highest percentage of machinability property that can be improved by additional sulphur content. These materials can be formed and drawn in an annealed condition. Advance Grinding Services offers its 416 stainless steel bar and 416 Cond T Round Bar that are particularly used for parts where resistance to oxidation is required like compressor shrouds. It is useful at relatively high temperatures only when there are low stresses. The superior resistance possessed to corrosion of cond t round bar can be obtained by polishing and hardening.

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Aircraft Alloy Steel

Aircraft Alloy Steel is highly intended for important stressed parts and components in aerospace industry. Aircraft Alloy Steel is highly intended for important stressed parts and components in aerospace industry. To meet the essentially rigid quality standards, there is a need of special steel making practices, more restrictive selection, and more rigid inspection techniques. Advance Grinding Services stocks a wide array of aircraft alloy steel mainly used in aviation industries. This alloy may have a variety of grades that are suited for various applications and industry.To meet the essentially rigid quality standards, there is a need of special steel making practices, more restrictive selection, and more rigid inspection techniques. Basically, there are three levels of quality which are accepted by users and producers of aircraft steel: Aircraft Quality Steel Grades – This type of aircraft steel meets the commonly specified quality for general aerospace applications. Special Aircraft Quality – This quality level is also known as “High Transverse Quality”. This level places least values on ductility in the transverse direction. Premium Aircraft Quality – This is the final quality that can be obtained in production quantities and it is commonly used in very critical parts and components. Advance Grinding Services has a wide stock of Aircraft Alloy Steel that is applied in aircraft production due to its mild hardness that is easy to fabricate and weld.

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Pump Shaft Quality

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) indicates turned, polished, and ground shafting used in the rotary industries. Grinding can achieve pump shaft quality in materials (e.g. tight diametrical tolerance) – and this tolerance can decrease wear and give more constant product with controlled properties. AGS inventory comprises diametrically oversized product in 20o to 24o random lengths. This allows us to meet the explicit request of the customer for delivery requirements on an expedited accelerated basis. And so, Advance Grinding Services has a large inventory of products with the certified Pump Shaft Quality that range from ½ “ to 5” in various available steel grades. For more information about our pump shaft quality products, you may contact us or submit a free Quote for your product requirement.

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Carbon Steel Round Bars

Carbon Steel Round Bars are available in cold drawn or hot rolled condition which may have different dimensional characteristics. Basing on the amount of the carbon content in the steel, carbon steels are classified into four classes. Namely they are: mild and low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, and ultra-high carbon steel. Advance Grinding Services supplies carbon steel round bar in varied proper grades along with a high standard and quantity to meet your desired requirements. Mild and low carbon steels – these steels contain 0.16-0.29% carbon content. They come at a relatively low cost, making them as the most common form of steel. They offer material properties which are acceptable for various applications. They are neither ductile nor brittle, but they are malleable. Carburizing can increase its surface hardness. Medium carbon steels – these steels contain approximately 0.30 – 0.59% carbon content. They have excellent wear resistance and can balance strength and ductility. These steels are used in forging and for automotive and large industrial components. High carbon steels – these steels contain approximately 0.6 – 0.99% carbon content. They have excellent strength and thus, they are used for high-strength wires and springs. Ultra-high carbon steels – these steels contain 1 – 2% carbon content. These steels are commonly used for specialized products like axles, knives, or punches simply because these steels can be tempered to great hardness. Advance Grinding Services stocks Carbon Steel products that have a wide variety of applications in infrastructure, ships, tools, pipe buildings, automobiles, machines and appliances, etc.

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Copper Grades


Copper grades exhibit ranging properties that can be highly applicable almost in various applications for e.g industrial and architecture. Unlike other types of metals, copper metals can be applicable almost in all types of applications, either for industrial or sophisticated purposes. This metal also plays in vital in electrical wiring since it is highly conductive to electricity. Copper may also play in architecture and sculpture. Copper has varying grades that are used in a wide variety of applications especially in marine environments. Copper alloys are available and can be formed out of different grades, each has its unique tensile strength, toughness, and resistance to creep, corrosion, and oxidation at elevated temperatures. Thus, copper grades are evaluated carefully to know each of their specific properties for assigning their exact applications. These are quality raw materials made from authentic copper grades that Advance Grinding Services supplies.

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Tool Steel Bars

  • GRADES A10
  • SHAPE Round Bars
  • CONDITION Annealed

We supply tool steel bars that are applicable for open die forgings as well for other die forged shapes which can be processed into finished parts. Advance Grinding Services maintains its extensive inventory of tool steel bars to meet the high demand of different customers. Thus, we extend our full range of tool steel sizes and finishes to fit any specific application or use. In addition, we do tool steel machining operations or forgings to corporate specifications such as custom length and odd sizes. Tool steel bars are best matched for tool manufacturing (such as machine dies or hand tools) with the excellent hardness and strength they posses. Unlike any other materials, tool steel bars are able to retain their shapes even at increased temperatures which is the key property of such materials.Please see our list of toll steel sizes and if you cannot find the specific product that you need, please contact Advance Grinding Services.

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