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Pollution Control Machines

Our offered Product range includes Concrete Plant Dust Collector and Polygonal Dust Collector.

Polygonal Dust Collector

  • Item FTHP.28
  • Temperature Range 4 to 176 ºF
When using WAMAIR® Polygonal Dust Collectors, dust is separated from the air flow using either pocket or special POLYPLEAT® filter elements. The Dust Collectors either come built-in for venting applications, or as a stand-alone unit with dust collecting hopper. For suction, versions with an integrated fan are also available. The Dust Collectors work by allowing dust to drop down after an automatic reverse air jet cleaning device inside the front inspection door has removed it from the filter elements. The dirty air flow then enters the filter casing from the top inlet flange where heavier particles are subsequently pre-separated while the flow is on the descent. Alternatively, dirty air may enter from the bottom flange, which can be connected either to a WAM® PT-Type Hopper or to the device to be de-dusted (such as silos, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, etc.) WAMAIR® Polygonal Dust Collectors consist of a polygonal shape 304 stainless steel casing, horizontally or vertically inserted filter elements, and a reverse air jet cleaning system integrated in the hinged access door. A special ATEX-Version for Zone 22 (category 3D equipment) is also available.

Filter Delivered In One Piece for Easy Installation
Reverse Air Jet Cleaning System Integrated Inside Access Door and Quick Filter Element Removal from Clean Air Side for Easy Maintenance
High Cleaning Efficiency Due To "Full Immersion" Solenoid Valves Incorporated in Aluminum Corrosion-Resistant Air Tank
Silenced Fan Range Integrated in Access Door Reduces Operating Noise Level
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Concrete Plant Dust Collector

  • Item DRYBATCH R01
The WAM® DRYBATCH® R01 Dust Collector is specially designed for dust collection from truck mixer inlet zones in dry batch plants during filling of the truck mixer. The R01 Dust Collector is equipped with horizontally-mounted filter elements, a compressed air jet cleaning system integrated in the access door, and a suction fan, the arrangement of which result in smaller overall dimensions than those of conventional dust filters and reduces maintenance. In addition, special foundations are unnecessary for this easy-to-install filter; it can be positioned on the ground and secured with screw anchors.

Low Maintenance Cost and Operation
Lower Energy Consumption
Higher Work Safety Conditions for Operators
Prolonged Life
"Full Immersion" Solenoid Valves Incorporated in Aluminum, Corrosion-Resistant Air Tank for Provide High Cleaning Efficiency and Low Maintenance Operation
Easy-to-Install — No Special Foundations Required
Space-Saving Compact Design — Access Door Provides Free and Easy Access to Filter Element, Reducing Maintenance Time
Extremely Maintenance-Friendly — No Ladders or Scaffolding Necessary
Silenced WAM® Fan Range Reduces Operating Noise by 10 dBA
Low Dust Emission
Filter Fitted in New and Existing Plants
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