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Evacuated Tube Solar System

Evacuated Tube Solar System

We specialize in offering Evacuated Tube Solar System for heating pool water. Our Evacuated Tube Solar System works on tube-in-tube design. Such design prevents the loss of heat due to low ambient temperature. Our high-grade Evacuated Tube Solar Systems are made with finest stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

The inner tube has a special selective coating that is black on the outside and a mirror finish on the inside. The sun’s radiation is attracted naturally to the coating and is transferred directly to the pool water inside the inner tube. The mirror finish traps the radiation, allowing the absorption of all of the available heat. The outer tube insulates the heated water from outside temperatures.


  • The frame is aluminum and the hardware and manifold are made of stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance, even on salt pools
  • Extend your pool season by up to 2 months with free energy
  • Ground or roof mount panels are easy to install and additional panels can be added over time
  • Designed and built for a 25-year life-span with a 5-year warranty
  • The panels produce an average of 25k BTUs when sunny, and as much as 12k BTUs when cloudy
  • Round tubes have the ability to absorb from varying orientations and create little to no wind resistance
  • The right combination of panels will raise the pool temperature by 10 degrees
  • Stop paying monthly fuel bills forever and just enjoy your warm pool

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