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Solar Fence

Solar Fence

We are engaged in offering highly advanced Solar Fence to our clients in different parts of the world. The Solar Fence supplied and exported by us produces heat all day long even at a temperature below-freezing point. Our Solar Fence comes with vacuum sealed tubes and therefore dos not get affected by wind, and cold temperatures.

Our Solar Fence was designed to be installed into an existing fence or used to hide the equipment pad, anywhere there is sun exposure. The water vessel is made of high-grade marine stainless steel; there is a manifold that runs the length of the unit, and heating tubes are welded to the manifold, where they are covered with a glass evacuated tube.

The direct pool water is pumped in the lower corner of the unit; the water then flows through each heat collection tube, and heated water flows back out. Both the inlet and outlet are located together for ease of plumbing. With the evacuated tubes used in JSF, output is not dependent on outside temperatures like unglazed collectors, (rubber mat), which do not work unless the ambient temperature is higher than the swimming pool temperature. Because of the cylindrical shape of the evacuated tubes, the sun is perpendicular to the surface of the glass most of the day.

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