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Advanced Optical Shutters

Advanced Optical Shutters

DACO is best-known for its advanced optical shutter devices. These devices are designed to be optical or "beam blockers" for a host of applications.

These units are comprised of solenoid body and the shutter. Any application that requires a rotational motion to block or interrupt a beam is a potential candidate for our Optical Shutter Devices.

Product Classes
We design and manufacture two main product classes of advanced optical shutter devices:

Bi-Stable Shutters - Pulse-driven shutter devices that move and stay at their onoff positions until they receive the reverse pulse to move to the other position.
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Spring Shutters - Power-driven shutter devices that only move when power is applied. No power returns the device to the off position.
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Common Applications
Airborne Instruments
Aircraft Instruments
CCD Cameras
Fiber Optics
Thermal Imaging - Night Vision Goggles
Available Sizes
Various sizes of solenoidsshutters are available. DACO focuses on custom miniature solenoids with specific sizes ranging from 0.38" to 0.50" diameter. We have, however, the capability to design any sizeshape of the solenoidshutter that's required for your application. Our core focus is with custom solutions for our customers. Contact us for more information of how DACO can deliver for you.

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