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Woods and Accessories

Woods and Accessories

We offer Woods and Accessories.
Foresthouse Ltd is a family owned lumber manufacturing company situated in Maple Ridge,

British Columbia; about one hour’s drive east of downtown Vancouver and the USA(Head.

As we approach our third decade of operation, our company has been a supplier of high

quality BC hardwoods (Red Alder, Pacific Coast Maple and Western White Birch) and softwoods

(Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir) to wholesale distributors across

Canada and the United States as well as China, Europe, Japan, Korea and dozens of other


Our main customers of Canadian and American hardwood and softwood include furniture

manufacturers, millwork factories, cabinet and moulding manufacturers and wood importers

and distributors. Foresthouse is also a manufacturer of high quality crane mats, swamp

pads, jack-pads, wedges, blocks, crossing posts and industrial grade blocking. Foresthouse

mats have been used in government construction projects as well as commercial applications

across western Canada and the United States.

- We supply the followings:
Hardwood Lumber:
Red Alder, Pacific Coast Maple, Western White Birch

- Softwood Lumber:
Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Sitka Spruce, White Spruce

- c:
Crane Mats Swamp Pads, Timber Bridges, Access Mats and Outrigger Pads

- Specialty Products Specialty Products:
Railway posts, switch and taper ties, industrial blocks and wedges are just a few of the

additional products that we manufacture…

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