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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Chemical Resistant Labels, Open Front Industrial Booth, award plaques, Crossdraft Automotive Spray Booth and Downdraft Automotive Booth

Chemical Resistant Labels

Aluma Photo-Plate Co offers a variety of custom chemical resistant labels, tags, plates and compliance signs for all applications. Suitable for harsh environments, Aluma Photo’s process of photo anodizing is corrosion resistant, able to withstand all environments, chemicals, weather and more. Our durable products are ideal for fuel tank tags, pipe labels, gasoline & fuel compliance signs and many more. A permanent adhesive can also be used on material of .003 up to .012 thicknesses, or .020 up to .063 thicknesses for mounting with holes, attachment to brackets, or free standing applications. All to help you display your safety messages in hazardous and extreme environments which create a safer environment for your employees, your business, or the industry in which you operate. Pipeline Markers & Fuel Tank Tags With the ability to meet the toughest requirement and outlast the harshest environments, our custom products are the perfect fit for the petro-chemical, marine and offshore, military and oil & gas industries while meeting or exceeding many MIL-Specs, serving as top of the line pipeline markers, fuel tank tags, and other compliance signs. The biggest benefit comes in the replacement value; most other processes or materials corrode, fade, melt, delaminate, or just lose their messages altogether. Advantages of our photo-anodized process: A few examples of products: Corrosion resistant to most chemicals Salt-water resistant Long-lasting up to 20 years outdoor life Abrasion resistant and Graffiti proof Will not crackpeel, melt or delaminate Resists extreme High and Low temperatures Suitable for above ground or in-ground applications UV stable and will not fade or lose the message Commercial & Residential Industrial & Aerospace Fuel Tank Tags & Pipeline Markers Storage Data Plates Inventory Control Tags ModelSerial number labels Warning Placards Danger & Caution Signage Wayfinding Signs Instrument Panels & Panelfronts Product Nameplates Information Charts & Schematics

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Open Front Industrial Booth

These open front booths are designed for batch-type or conveyorized production applications. Air is drawn into the open face of the booth, across the work area and through the filter bank in the rear wall. Dry arrestor filters trap the airborne overspray particles before the air is drawn through the exhaust stack and discharged into the atmosphere. The booths are available in a wide range of sizes to meet any production requirement. Custom sizes are also available.

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award plaques

Our artisans take special care to ensure each individually designed metal plaque or recognition award is as unique as the special occasion and the person receiving it. Each piece is manufactured and finished with our unique reproduction processes, resulting in photo-quality images, distinctive looks with exacting resolution for years of unique display in your home or office. These awards and plaques are unmatched because of our "one of a kind" approach to recognition awards. Whether mounted to solid hardwoods or set into frames and other specialty holders, our Metalphoto® and Alumajet™ products are priced competitively, providing unparalleled beauty and quality to mark life's special occasions.

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Crossdraft Automotive Spray Booth

Air flows through the filtered doors on one end of the booth, passes through the work area and into the exhaust chamber located in the opposite end of the booth. Filtered exhaust air is drawn through the exhaust plenum and is discharged upward into the atmosphere via the exhaust stack. These booths are provided complete, with all necessary hardware to meet the applicable national requirements established by OSHA and the NFPA for paint booth construction. Inside Dimensions: 14' wide x 9' high x 24'-6" deep Outside Dimension: 14'-8.5" wide x 10' high x 26'-4" deep (10) 48", 4-tube Lights: (9) Open-type, plus (1) Class I, Division II 36" x 84" Personnel Access Door 9'-4" wide x 8'-11" ½" high Filtered Product Doors First set of Filters included Manometer Draft Gauge included Air Solenoid Valve included All hardware and installation directions included

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Downdraft Automotive Booth

  • Model MD-140926

Our most popular model, the Semi-Downdraft (also know as the "Semi-Crossdraft" has solid product doors and double intake filtration.

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Side Downdraft Automotive Booth

  • model SDD-140926

The Side Downdraft booth is a smart choice for owners who want a downdraft but don't want to pay downdraft prices. Excellent air flow with no pit required!

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Control Panels

Aluma Photo-Plate Co.’s metal ID labels, nameplates, and metal tags are the most durable choice when you need a tough identification plate for harsh or corrosive environments. Photo-anodized aluminum resists extreme ultraviolet exposure, high temperatures, salt spray, gasoline, jet fuels, hydraulic fluids, chemicals, solvents, and abrasions. All our ID plates are supplied with permanent pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive or mounting holes. We specialize in prototypes and short runs, while meeting military specifications, as well as governmental, aerospace, offshore marine, and independent laboratory quality standards for all our anodized aluminum plates, Mil-Spec ID labels, and compliance plates.

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Interpretive Signs

Aluma Photo-Plate Co designs and manufactures interpretive signs of all sizes and applications. Commonly used on trails or in nature for parks, trail identification, plant or tree identification and site plaques. Whether you need interior directional signs, or exterior signage for nature preserves, national parks, wildlife refuges, tree markers, plant ID, garden trail displays, traffic control instructions, site maps, elevator "you are here" floor plans, gate access and phone entry instructions, we provide the brightest visual interpretive signs that is built to last for many years. All our interpretive signage products are "beauty at work, " rated for extreme durability and backed by a 20-year rating* for harsh environments, while guarding against UV fading, abrasions, high temperatures, and offering resistance to most chemicals.

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Aluma Photo-Plate Co manufactures vinyl and aluminum labels, decals, stickers and more. Our product lines of photo-anodized aluminum nameplates, custom aluminum labels and metal tags can be easily mounted with an industrial adhesive back or mounting holes, per your requirements, and depending on thickness selection. Our durable vinyl and polyester material for decals, labels, and custom vinyl stickers come with an industrial grade, pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive, which is pliable for easy mounting on a variety of surfaces and product shapes. Thickness for decals, labels, and stickers range from .003-in. to .008-in. Order in single-color graphics or full-color printing on a variety of substrates to make your safety and caution messages stand out. Ideal for prototypes, one-of-a-kind, and short runs.

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Plant ID Markers

If you want unsurpassed longevity for your Tree plaques & Plant ID Markers, Metalphoto® will hold up to all harsh environmental exposure and still look good after many years of service because it is photo-anodized. Highly attractive and durable images integrated into a photo-anodized aluminum process that will still look good for as long as the plant or tree that it is identifying. Our plant and tree labels and identification markers are available in a variety of sizes. Aluma Photo-Plate Co. manufactures plant markers and tree plaques - perfect for identification, dedication and memorial tree markers and garden markers. Plant and tree markers are available with or without the stakes. Several sizing options available as well as quantity pricing. For pricing info please view our tree markers pricing sheet.

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special occasions

Turn your memories into keepsakes! Take your favorite photo from that special occasion, event, or holiday and transform it onto aluminum – permanently. Aluma Photo-Plate Co prints & manufactures custom achievement award plaques, diplomas, certificates, newspaper articles, memorial plates, announcements, and more permanently on metal using our MetalPhoto and AlumaJet processes. Just think, capturing that special memory reproduced on a highly attractive and durable metal. Order several to send to family and friends. Create your keepsake today and proudly display them year after year. Our graphic reproduction products are price competitive. Contact Aluma Photo-Plate Co today for pricing and shipping information. award plaues Custom Nameplates, Plaques & Certificates for Special Occassions Recognition & Award Plaques Garden Fungshi Certificates Car, Boat, Motorcycle Club awards Sports Recognitions Photos in Shadow Box gifts Wedding & Birth Announcements Promotional Items: Coasters Desk & Cubicle Name Bars Employee of the Month award Highest Sales Award Cemetery Photo Plates Newspaper Articles Memorial Plates Diplomas & Certificates Keepsake Tree Ornaments Refrigerator Photo Magnets The Alumajet & MetalPhoto Printing Process Reproduced photos with full color images on your choice of Gold, Silver, or White aluminum background. Keepsake comes with both a magnetic back and a hole for hanging on a tree so you can enjoy which way you wish to display. With dramatic full-color, photo-quality images printed directly onto aluminum, the full-color printing process is so impressive, you must see it to believe it. Any photo, message, logo or graphics can be faithfully captured on metal and mounted on or in shadow boxes, solid walnut boards, frames etc. Ensuring years of lasting good looks, whether marking that special event or honoring a lifetime of achievement. Make the right choice and give them the best. Choices are: Full color, photo-quality printing on - Silver, Gold, or White aluminum background. Comes with a magnetic backing and a hole for hanging on a tree. Other Occassions: Pets, Special Occassions, Holidays such as Valentines Day & Mother's Day, Family pictures, Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, and more. NOTE: Full color photos print better on White aluminum. Border is selected to enhance the colors shown in the photo file Orientation (horizontal or vertical) depends on the photo file provided

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