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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Whispermat WM2 Barrier, Whispermat WM0 non-reinforced barrier septum, Whispermat WM1 Barrier, Whispermat Safe melamine foam and Whisperdamp Sheets.

Whispermat WM2 Barrier

Whispermat™ WM2 is a sandwich composite incorporating 2 layers of Hushcloth® acoustical foam and a single barrier septum. When applied to sheet metal, plastic or wood, the decoupling foam layer typically ¼"(6mm) thick isolates the barrier while the thicker absorption layer reduces airborne reverberant noise. Key Benefits • Proprietary manufacturing process ensures permanent bonding between foam and vinyl barrier material • Can be formulated to provide maximum noise reduction in the harshest environment by adding various facings or embossed surfaces • Available in a wide range of weights, thickness and as sheets or rolls • UL94 V0 barrier available

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Whispermat WM0 non-reinforced barrier septum

Whispermat™ WM0 non-reinforced barrier septum is a flexible vinyl used by itself or in combination with absorptive material as an effective acoustic mass treatment for existing equipment enclosures or housings. Whispermat™ WM is also used as a pipe or duct wrap in combination with aluminized reinforced plastic film. Whispermat™ EB is an extruded barrier mat that has thermoplastic forming capabilities and meets UL94 - HB Whispermat™ AB is a fire resistant barrier that has been tested to meet the Class A requirement for Architectural and building applications.

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Whispermat WM1 Barrier

Whispermat™ WM1 is a barrier layer of Whispermat™ cured to a single layer of Hushcloth® acoustical foam. When the Whispermat™ is applied to sheet metal, plastic or wood, the foam is exposed to absorb airborne noise. The barrier then functions to both contain sound by increasing the effective mass to the panel and to damp the structure borne resonant vibrations. When the Hushcloth® acoustical foam is applied to the structure the Whispermat™ barrier is then acoustically decoupled from the panel vibrations which creates a "Double Glazing" effect and dramatically increases the sound transmission insulation. A facing can be laminated to the the exposed face of the Whispermat™ barrier to increase both durability, weather ability and appearance. Key Benefits • Proprietary manufacturing process ensures permanent bonding between foam and vinyl barrier material • Available in a wide range of weights, thickness and as sheets or rolls • Also widely used with 1lbsqft to 2 lbsqft barriers as a carpet underlayment to dramatically increase sound isolation from the space below a floor or deck in condominiums, apartments, boats and spaces above media-rooms or home theaters. As a carpet underlayment, WM1 is installed foam side down towards the subfloor (inside of the carpet tack strips) so the barrier is decoupled from the structural vibrations. Wall-to-wall carpet is installed directly on top of the barrier (without any additional carpet padding!). Move your furniture back into the space and you are ready to go with your vastly improved noise isolation. When moisture is of concern, as in the case of a marine or off road application, closed cell foam can be used.

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Whispermat Safe melamine foam

Whispermat™ Safe and Sound combines a specially formulated barrier with high temperature melamine foam. The mechanical bond between foam and barrier is formed as the barrier is cured, eliminating the potential for adhesive failure and enhancing the flammability and smoke characteristics. This environmentally safe and acoustically sound composite meets the strict requirements of ASTM E 162-90 and ASTM E 662-93 for the transportation and rail industry. Key Benefits • Proprietary manufacturing process ensures permanent mechanical bond between Melamine foam and vinyl barrier material which can also be formulated to meet stringent flammability specifications • Available in a wide range of weights, thickness and as sheets or rolls • Meets aviation and Federal rail industry requirements

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Whisperdamp Sheets

General Information American Acoustical Products manufactures a wide range of vibration damping products, which are all acoustically optimized to reduce the resonant vibrations and enhance the sound transmission loss of the original structures. Damping can be added to the structure with self adhesive pads and tiles, or incorporated into the product with constrained layer damping materials. Whisperdamp Damping sheets are extensional damping materials designed to be added to the flat areas of an existing product. Whisperdamp is available as a flexible vinyl based extruded sheet, as a bitumen impregnated board, as a polymer modified asphalt sheet or as an aluminum foil with PSA to create an extensional or constrained layer damping system with your existing panels. Vibration damping sheets can be supplied with Hushcloth® acoustical foam laminated to the exposed surface.

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Whisperdamp MP damping foils

Whisperdamp MP damping foils and sheets use the constrained layer principle to reduce resonant structural vibrations in the supporting panels. MP is a metal foil sheet with a special PSA that also acts as the viscoelastic damping layer. Constrained layer damping is generally 3 times more efficient than the equivalent weight of extensional damping materials. Normally manufactured with aluminum foil as ALP 104 which is 14 mils thick (0.35mm) Key Benefits • Maximum damping performance on thin sheet metal panels • Non combustible • Tough durable product which matches properties of structural panel

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Whisperdamp vinyl vibration damping sheet

Whisperdamp VE-V0 is an extruded vinyl vibration damping sheet which has been optimized for effectively eliminating noise emanating from resonant structure and surfaces. This material is formulated to meet UL 94 V0 class flammability and is typically added to computer housings, domestic appliances and hospital equipment where flammability is critical issue. Special formulations are available that meet FAR 25:853, ASTM E662 and E162 requirements. Can be extruded as thin as 35 mils (0.9mm) or as thick as 250 mils (6.35mm). Key Benefits • Flexible, light weight and high damping performance • Formulated to meet UL94 V0 • Available in Sheets or rolls, with or without PSA

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Whispermat Barrier Materials

  • Foam - Barrier Single layer of Whispermat™ barrier cured onto a single layer of Hushcloth® acoustical foam.
  • Melamine Foam - Barrier Safe and sound nonflammable and low smoke laminate of Whispermat™ and Melamine Foam.
  • Closed Cell Foam - Barrier Similar to Whispermat™ WM1 but with an embossed colored wear surface and a closed cell foam to prevent fluid ingress.
  • Foam - Barrier Septum - Foam Two layers of Hushcloth® acoustical foam with a septum of Whispermat™ barrier cured in the center.

General Information Whispermat™ Barrier Materials are a family of noise control materials specifically designed to achieve maximum attenuation over a broad frequency range. Whispermat™ combines dense, limp, flexible non-lead loaded barriers with Hushcloth® foams providing total noise control systems. Collection of Whispermat™ Barrier Materials

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Hushcloth Acoustical Foams

Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance, and density. Hushcloth® materials are a range of acoustical foams with varied profiles, facing materials and flammability properties.

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Spaced Absorbers

Spaced Absorbers combine absorption and sound barrier properties in a series of unique and novel products which have the common property of being self supporting in their application. Millennium Metal spaced absorbers combine absorption and sound barrier properties in a series of unique and novel products which have the common property of being self supporting in their application.

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