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Structural Wire Rope Assemblies

Structural Wire Rope Assemblies

The customer can choose from a wide variety wire ropes and fittings to fit your particular application.

Standard Wire Ropes

7x 19 galvanized

7 x 19 stainless steel

6 x 19 bright or galvanized

6 x 36 bright or galvanized

(Alternate wire rope constructions and special coatings are available.)

Depending on your application, most assemblies can be fabricated using standard fittings.

Swage Fittings
Swage Button Ferrules

Standard Threaded Studs

Large Shank Threaded Studs

Open Swage Sockets

Closed Swage Sockets

Threaded Sleeves

Fork Terminals

Pin Eye Terminals

Large Ring Eyes

Marine Eyes

Shank Hooks

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