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Our product range comtains a wide range of Large Acrylic Pendulum Wave Demo, Shinco-Scope, Laser Refraction Tank with Geometric Optics and Singing Rods Set/2

Large Acrylic Pendulum Wave Demo

Combining physics and art, the pendulum wave demonstration uses kinetic energy to create a beautiful art display. The simple pendulum, at rest and in motion, demonstrates how a mass accelerates (and decelerates) in response to gravitational force. Multiple pendulums, with decreasing string lengths, in motion will simultaneously create changing visual patterns that mesmerize as they move in and out of sync with each other. The pendulum wave demo consists of a large acrylic frame and nine pendula with 1" steel balls, as well as an initiator stick to simultaneously release all pendula. Great product for the classroom, as a gift, or as a display piece. Assembly required. Comes in colorful retail ready packaging! Set-Up Instructions and Teacher's Guide included. Guide included encourages critical thinking and problem solving. Activities in Guide are great for STEM education and follow Common Core and National Next Generation Science Standards.

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The Shinco Scope needs only available outdoor light or minimal room light. This eliminates the need for lamps, cords and mirrors. There are no knobs or gears, so there is no need to fuss with adjustments. The total magnification is (30x) along with reflective light capabilities allows you to view the exterior of 3-D specimens, printed matter and other ordinary objects. It also has a prism illuminator that sends transmitted light up through the stage allowing you to view the internal structure of thinly sectioned specimens. Great for kids and outdoor use. Locked on Eyepiece; Locked on Stage Clips; Nickel Plated Brass Tube; Corrosion Resistant Finish; Vinyl Cover; Lifetime Warranty.

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Laser Refraction Tank with Geometric Optics

This self contained unit allows students to measure and study refraction of light. The angle of incident and refractive rays are easily seen with the help of a built-in laser as its light source. Add water up to the tank's midline and create a surface that precisely transmits and reflects the laser beam for student observations. The laser revolves around the circular graduated scale and can be set at any point. Students can easily observe light rays as they travel from air into water, water into air, and water into water. Circular scale is 6-38" (162mm) diameter. You can also detach the apparatus from the tank to perform refraction and reflection experiments with the included prisms and mirrors! Full kit contains 4 prisms, 2 mirrors, and laser.

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Singing Rods Set/2

A must for explorations of sound and waves, these rods are an easy way to demonstrate longitudinal waves as opposed to transverse waves. They're ideal for teaching about nodes and anti-nodes in standing waves. Sold as a set of two; approx length: 20" (500mm) and 30" (750mm). Comes with a Teacher's Guide with detailed instructions and a bag of crushed rosin to lightly coat your fingertips.

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