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Tapper Drill Bits

Tapper Drill Bits

Tapper™ Drill Bits in the diameters listed are nominal size. 316" and 14" Perma-Seal™ Tapper™ anchors must be installed with special tolerance Tapper™ drill bits. 14" Stainless Steel Tapper™ anchors require the use of specific tolerance Tapper™ drill bits, which are gold or silver colored, to denote the standard size and special application size for harder materials. 38" diameter Tapper™ anchors should be installed with a 14" ANSI drill bit.

  • Size : 5/32 x 3 1/2 in
  • SERIES : 2781, Carbide Drill Bits for Perma-seal™ Tapper™ Anchor - Straight Shank

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