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Our Complete range of products are horizontal, Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, Impact Wrenches and Electric Nutrunners.


Cleco manufactures a full range of inline and pistol grip screwdrivers, suitable for light-to-heavy duty assembly applications in the automotive, white goods, aerospace and other industries. With various options available including multiple reversing methods and clutch styles, various handle types and accessories, there’s a Cleco screwdriver that will meet the specific needs of your operation.

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Cleco’s lineup of pneumatic assembly nutrunners is among the broadest and most full-featured on the market today. Suitable for a wide range of assembly and repair operations, Cleco nutrunners are available in up to 3, 000 different configurations, making it easy to find the right tool for your specific task. Torque Control Options Maintaining precise torque levels is critical in any assembly operation. To better suit the needs of a wide range of customers, Apex Tool Group offers Cleco nutrunners with two torque control options: • Clecomatic clutch-style control — The Clecomatic system is an innovative clutch control that allows users to select with precision the desired level of torque for a task. Once that level is reached, the tool shuts off instantly. • Stall control —More traditional stall control nutrunners rely on fastener resistance to prevent over-torqueing. Nutrunner Types • Angle nutrunners • Pulse nutrunners • Reaction bar nutrunners • Specialty nutrunners Designed from the ground up to be more versatile, more accurate, more powerful and easier to work with, there’s a Cleco nutrunner available for practically every assembly task.

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Impact Wrenches

Cleco air impact wrenches are built to deliver outstanding performance in any job. With several product lines and a range of different potential configurations, it’s easy to find the right tool for the task. All our products feature an industry-leading combination of performance, ergonomics and durability — everything you need to boost production and keep your team working more efficiently all day long.

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Electric Nutrunners

Cleco offers a variety of DC Electric Nutrunners to choose from for your safety and quality critical assembly requirements. Choose from Cleco transducer control nutrunners, including both corded and Livewire cordless tools or explore our selection of Cleco current control electric nutrunners.

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bit holders

In today’s manufacturing facilities, maintaining productivity while dealing with increasingly complex design requirements is essential. Bit holders allow your team to quickly switch between a variety of fastening attachments on the go. To complement our lineup of bits, Apex manufacturers a comprehensive selection of bit holders, including: Magnetic bit holders A magnetic bit holder uses powerful magnets to fix a bit in its driving position, even when facing straight down. Magnetic bit holders are an economical choice that offers the flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements and other conditions on the ground. Apex manufactures magnetic bit holders in all commonly used sizes and configurations, including Yankee type and screw shank. Quick release bit holders Quick release bit holders are easy to operate and offer greater security than magnet-activated units. To swap out one bit for another, simply push forward the knurled sleeve to release the existing bit and replace it with another bit. Quick release bit holders are available in Hex drive and a variety of other configurations, in all standard sizes. Quick release chucks Quick release chucks offer secure connections and come in a wide range of sizes. Designed for faster and easier bit changes, quick release chucks are ideal for aerospace assembly.

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Cleco® horizontal grinders are manufactured to last. At Apex Power Tools, when we examine our existing products, we think of the user. This perspective has led to a line that includes horizontal grinders that are small, light and comfortable, but also tough. The 236, 25 and 500B Series provide coneplug wheels in a rugged and durable housing. The 236 offers side and rear exhaust options. The 25 features a governor speed control to maintain RPM under load. The 500B Series also maintains RPM, and its high output motor handles difficult removal work. The 500B, 1700 and 1900 Series are meant for applications at 6, 000 RPM. These options provide different levels of power. The 500B is known for its efficiency and dependability, while the 1700 and 1900 come with high output motors designed to tackle tough removal jobs. Cleco® horizontal grinders are used in welding, the manufacturing of transportation equipment, pipe fabricating, shipbuilding and more. That’s why each grinder is made from only the toughest material and manufactured with high horsepower and RPM motors. For precise, durable performance, choose Cleco® horizontal grinders. Contact a material removal sales representative for assistance in selecting the right horizontal grinder for your work.

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Dotco® saws offer durability, precision and ease of use, all emerging from 60 years of manufacturing quality tools made from only the best materials. These tools are simple to maintain, and they deliver on the promise of unbeatable operator experience and comfort. Dotco® saws and other tools are offered in a variety of options, so you can find the right tool for your work. Saws range in size from 0.3 to 1.7 horsepower. Each is compact and easy to use, and blades are simple to change out. Choose between front, rear and vacuum exhaust options. Find the right blade capacity and depth of cut from our selection. Dotco® saws are designed for use in a variety of industries. No matter how challenging, tough or remote your work, we offer the right tool to get the job done. We regularly evaluate our tools to ensure they stay up-to-date with your needs in the field. This leads to quality, long-lasting products that operators use repeatedly over time. Need help finding the right saw for your work? Contact your Dotco sales representative today.

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percussion tools

Cleco® percussion tools offer durable options for a wide variety of industries. These percussion tools are made from the finest materials available, and they are manufactured to last. In our selection, you’ll find percussion tools for a number of different applications, including heavy duty and maximum material removal for the toughest jobs. Choose between piston, chisel and needle type percussion tools. Find options with front exhaust, chisel retaining, heat treatment for reduced wear, air regulated power output and more. The B1 Series offers both lever and push-pull start options, as well as a kit that includes scaler, whip hose, extra needles, two chisels, extra chisel retainer, retainer parts and metal case. The SC3A Series Triple Scaler provides maximum removal capability for heavy duty, rugged applications. The CH30 Series Chipping Hammer includes a ring valve hard hitting hammer, forged steel hammer and replaceable bushing. The F Series Round Taper Nose Riveter drives 18” to ¼” rivets and includes a standard beehive retainer with spool valve for precise speed control. These options provide something for everyone, so you can find the right model to get the job done. These percussion tools attack hard-to-reach places, packing a harder punch than the competition and outlasting them, too. Contact your material removal sales specialist today, and choose the right percussion tool for your work.

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Apex is the global leader in industrial fastener drive tools and has been the trusted name for the most demanding industrial applications for more than 80 years. As the leading innovator in industrial-grade screwdriver bits and bit holders, Apex products can be found in the most challenging production environments. If you have invested money in quality tools, you need to know that your screwdriver bits will deliver the performance you require of them. Apex manufactures bits for the aerospace, automotive and other industries where reliability is key. Day in and day out, you’ll find Apex bits hard at work in some of the world’s busiest manufacturing facilities. To ensure our bits meet or exceed your demand for quality — as well as any applicable military and government specifications such as MIL-B-99465 — we begin with our proprietary, high-grade tool steel and manufacture each component to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. As a result, our products consistently last up to ten times longer than the competition, and avoid problems such as premature wear and shattering. For your team, this translates to increased productivity and fewer maintenance requirements.

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