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Our Complete range of products are QuickDispense Label Dispenser, Kiaro inkjet color label printer, INDUSTRIAL LABEL PRINTING, barcode label printers and LABEL REWINDERS.

QuickDispense Label Dispenser

  • Accepts Label Widths 0.5” – 6.5” (13 – 165 mm)
  • Dispenses Label Lengths 0.25” – 8” (6 – 203 mm)
  • Maximum Label Roll Size 8” OD (203 mm)

The QuickDispense label dispenser offers an alternative to hand applying – neatly dispensing one label at a time and peeling it away from its liner so it can be removed and applied fast. As users removes a label, a built-in sensor detects the missing label and automatically advances another label in its place, while simultaneously rewinding the waste liner. The QuickDispense can save precious time and money.

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Kiaro inkjet color label printer

  • Print Speed 2 ips (50 mm/sec) – 8 ips (200 mm/sec)
  • Ink Type Dye ink, (4) individual CMYK cartridges

The Kiaro! inkjet color label printer is the premier in-house label printing solution for short runs, with the industry leading combination of print speed and quality. This printer automatically performs periodic cleanings and completes print jobs without label splicing.

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  • Model No. QL-111
  • Ink Type Dye ink, (4) individual CMYK cartridges

Printing in 600 dpi, it produces high quality, durable labels that clearly identify products stored in manufacturing facilities or distributed throughout the supply chain. Ideal for JIT production, co-branding, supply chain and private labeling applications, the QL-111 produces labels with clear-cut text and highly scannable barcodes, durable print and color-fast content. Integration with other equipment and processes is achieved through QuickLabel’s available External Pause Option and the printer’s built-in Command Interface.

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barcode label printers

  • Resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Speed 2 – 10 ips (51 mm – 254 mm/sec)
  • Model No. Pronto! 482

The Pronto! 482 offers fast, reliable barcode label printing. With user-friendly printer design, advanced networking, rapid processing, support for all major barcodes and expandable memory, it is extraordinarily simple to print barcode labels with the Pronto! 482. Suitable for the majority of barcode label printing applications, the Pronto! 482 delivers consistent, high-speed label printing at up to 10 ips and integrates with major ERP systems and custom host software systems.

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  • Model No. RW-800

For use with the QL-800 label printer Maximum Rewind Diameter – 10.0″ (25.4cm) Minimum Label Width – 2.0″ (51mm) Maximum Label Width – 8.3″ (211mm) Core Size – 3″ ID (76mm) Rewind Direction – Fixed Rewind Torque – Self-regulating for QL-800 Power – Universal Voltage

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  • Model No. QL-800

The unwinder will sit behind the printer, unwinding labels that are pre-loaded, and feeding them to the printer. For use with the QL-800 label printer Maximum Unwind Diameter – 11.87″ (301.5 mm) Maximum Label Width – 8.5″ (216 mm)

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automatic label cutter

  • Model No. CU-K4
  • Blade Life up to 1.5 million cuts
  • Cut Length: 1.0” (25.4 mm) – 4.72” (120 mm)
  • Material Thickness 5.7 – 10 Mil (0.145 mm – 0.255 mm)

The automatic label cutter integrates directly with the front panel of your Kiaro!, Kiaro! D and QL-111 inkjet label printers and cuts both die-cut and continuous roll stock materials. Can be used with both pressure-sensitive labels and non-adhesive tags. Blade Life: up to 1.5 million cuts Cut Length: 1.0” (25.4 mm) – 4.72” (120 mm) Material Thickness: 5.7 – 10 Mil (0.145 mm – 0.255 mm)

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QuickWrap Semi-Automatic Label Applicator

  • Speed Labeler is manually fed
  • Average speed 12 – 15 products per minute

The QuickWrap holds a product in its carriage and turns it while advancing a label until the product is completely wrapped. Pre-set adjustments and automatic sensors ensure the label is applied correctly every time, without wrinkles. It applies clear and opaque labels in simple or elaborate die-cut shapes to cylindrical products from glass beverage bottles to PET detergent jugs. Semi-automatic label applicator for cylindrical products Quickly applies labels to bottles, jars and more For in-house product labeling with low to moderate volumes

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Rotary Cutter

  • Model CS4

This rotary cutter attaches to the Pronto! 482 and Pronto! 486 via USB and integrates to allow users to print and accurately cut labels and tags in a single process. Minimum Cut Length: 0.08″ (2 mm) Maximum Cut Length: 6″ (154 mm) Maximum LabelTag Thickness: 12 Mil (0.012”, 0.30 mm) of card stock +VIDEO

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  • Display (2×16) alphanumeric, backlit LCD
  • External Controls Manual Pushbutton for Activation and Boot Control

The External Pause Option allows for simple, seamless integration to a wide range of external devices, configuring to print a single label at a time, multiple labels or the entire print job. QuickLabel’s module provides the functionality necessary to fill a loose loop and eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming control system programming. This pre- programmed module eliminates of the need to learn and program in the printer’s control language. Additional Benefits: Monitor status of printer activity or error messages on the LCD display Trigger your label printer to produce batches of labels, pause, or stop the batch all together Connect external signaling devices such as a light pole or audible alert “High Speed” mode for applications where higher throughput is required One Year Warranty, fully supported and guaranteed to work with QuickLabel label printers Perfect for: e-juice manufacturers, chemical and medical device manufacturers and more.

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  • Model No. QL-800

The QL-800 is a high productivity, tabletop color label printer designed with the most advanced inkjet technology on the market today. With its powerful digital color engine, the QL-800 enables you to print your own color labels, saving you money and time compared to purchasing excessive pre-printed labels from a commercial label printing company. Use the QL-800 to print beautiful, perfectly tailored product labels that will please and inform your customers and business partners.

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QuickPeel Label Matrix Removal System

  • Label Width 0.75” (19 mm) – 8.66” (220 mm)
  • Core Size 3” ID (76 mm)

The QuickPeel System is composed of two units: A “dual rewinder” unit peels the matrix away from the labels while neatly winding the matrix onto a core for disposal. A second unit simultaneously rewinds the finished labels onto a roll, ready for use on a label applicator or any other equipment.

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