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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of medical, Laser Cutting, Metal Stamping, water jet cutting and telecommunications products


Medical customers require exacting standards of quality, reliability, cleanliness, material certification and lot traceability. Often, difficult to work materials like 304 stainless, 17-4 Stainless, Inconel and even Cobalt Nickel Alloy are required. Atlas has experience with all of these. Other materials like neoprene and medical grade plastics are common for Atlas as well. We offer blanket order and Kanban programs so customers can order based on estimated annual usage for best pricing and ship releases from our inventory for just in time delivery as needed.

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Laser Cutting

Atlas Tool Works, Inc. offers precision laser cutting of a wide variety of materials to meet the needs of your specific application. Laser cutting is an excellent choice when part volume does not justify a large investment in hard tooling but still demands precision and speed. Our six lasers can provide accuracies of +- 0.0025” and turnaround times to meet your schedule. In addition to state-of-the-art machinery, we staff a full CAD support team to assist you from design to delivery, and offer a full complement of assembly and fabrication services to meet your needs.

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Metal Stamping

Atlas Tool Works, Inc. features over 22 presses with capacity up to 220 tons and a complete in-house toolingEDM department. As a result, we can produce and maintain all of our own tooling. Secondary deburring and finishing processes are also performed in-house. We use many innovative techniques developed through our years of experience in metal stamping. Together, Atlas simply brings more value to the table when it comes to metal stamping. Metal stamping using hard tooling offers the lowest per-piece cost for high-volume applications, and provides excellent repeatability and reliability for tight tolerance applications. When prototypes are required, Atlas can turn to our short run and prototype departments to produce samples using soft or no tool options before your job is hard-tooled for high volume. Additionally, we provide our customers stamped part assembly and other manufacturing services to meet the most complex requirements. Welding, riveting, forming, finishing, and screw and nut assembly are a few such examples. The combination of these capabilities gives us the unique flexibility and knowledge to deliver quality jobs to our customers faster and more economically than our competition.

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water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is an excellent complement to laser cutting. Water jet provides all of the benefits of laser cutting, including rapid turnaround and precision work. Plus, there is no heat affected zone, there are no edge burrs or discoloration, and unlike lasers, water jets can cut highly reflective materials such as aluminum. Water jets even excel at cutting thicker materials that lasers can't get through. Additionally, creating blanks for milling operations becomes a snap using the water jet. With a near-net shape from the start, milling times are dramatically reduced. In short, water jet cutting allows Atlas to reduce lead times on prototype development and production jobs simply because we can cut what others can't.

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telecommunications products

Atlas Tool Works is a leading manufacturer of products for the Telecommunications and Electronics Industries. Our comprehensive services within this industry segment include fabrication, machining, kitting and assembly services including riveting, welding, and screwnut assembly. We offer customers blanket programs and long term supply agreements tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Card Cages Chassis Covers Brackets Rack Mount Accessories Bus Bars

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sign displays

Atlas Tool Works, Inc. offers a variety of architectural and decorative manufacturing services to bring value to your organization. Our capabilities include laser and water jet cutting, metal forming and fabrication, welding and assembly, polishing, painting, powder coating, plating and other finishing services. From sign assemblies and components, to water jet cut flooring medallions; Atlas can provide quality and value for your decorative and functional applications. Count on Atlas to be your partner for the most demanding applications. We feature precision work, and can package and ship your products anywhere in the US or around the world... delivering on time. We have the flexibility to work from blueprints, sketches, photos, or samples

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