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Chromium is one of the most abundant elements found in the Earth’s crust. It is used in combination with other metals like nickel and cobalt to create different alloys for many purposes. Whether high corrosive resistance is needed or the alloy needs to withstand high temperatures, chromium is the central focal point of each alloy.
Chromium is a hard steel-gray colored metal. Because it is usually polished, it has a very bright shine. The main application of chromium is plating, or chrome plating. Chrome plating uses electrical currents to form a metal coating. Many vehicles use chrome plating to endure weather and temperature changes.
Uses of Chromium
The largest use of chromium comes in the form of stainless steel. Taking advantage of chromium’s innate hardness corrosive properties, stainless steel encompasses steel and a minimum of 10.5% chromium. “Stainless” stems from its ability to be easily polished and shined. Uses of stainless steel can range from cutlery to steam and gas turbines.
Currently, chromium isn’t used in aviation very much because of health concerns. It was mainly used as paint for aircrafts, but exposure could bring about side effects such as respiratory irritation, and asthma. Around 80% of commercially produced chromium is used to make alloys and the rest is used the chemical industry. Refractories and foundries also make use of chromium’s properties. Chromium is abundant, but when it is mishandled, the properties that make it a highly sought out material can be diminished.
At Avion Alloys, we understand how to maintain and care for materials like chromium to help ensure that they retain all of their important factors. With quality assurance as our number one goal, you can be sure that our products are kept up to par. Contact us online to request a free quote and start building a valuable producer and consumer relationship.

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