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Browning Shaft Mount Reducer Accessories

Browning Shaft Mount Reducer Accessories

Many accessories accompany the Browning shaft mount reducer. These accessories are designed to provide installation flexibility, improved performance and safety.

Modular screw conveyor – standard shaft mount converts to a screw conveyor drive using stock components
Backstop kits
Easily installed in the field without disturbing bearing settings
Integral inner race eliminates input pinion wear
Patented bushing kits
Field proven TorqTaper Plus single bushing design
Self-locking taper angle creates powerful gripping forces
Belt guard kits
Stock belt guards accommodate most common v-belt drive combinations
Universal design can be used on all motor mount configurations
Belt guard assemblies consist of a guard kit and a mounting bracket kit
Belt guard standard color is yellow. Brackets supplied can accommodate fan kits when required
Plated fasteners providing protection in outdoor applications are supplied with the guard assembly
Belt guards have a hinged, removable cover
Belt guards may be assembled with the belt drive assembly installed
Bushing guard kits
One kit will cover the bushing and end cap
Kit may be used with the bushing on the front or rear of the reducer of the housing
Guard may be installed after the reducer and bushing are mounted to the equipment
Guard has the ability to mount on several different shaft sizes
Motor mount kits
Increased rigidity
Available in high, low and side mount configurations for most sizes
Slotted motor base simplifies belt drive alignment
Breather Kit
When a shaft mount speed reducer is mounted with the shaft is vertical, a vertical breather kit is needed
A filtered breather is recommended in applications where abrasive particles may contaminate the gearbox lubricant
Pump and Cooler Kit
Required for specific operating conditions noted in the Class I, II and III selection tables

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