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Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays

Sprecher + Schuh's SAS line of solid state relays are the ideal solution for applications where high speed switching and long life are essential. The SAS solid state relays are panel mount relays which are typically called “Hockey Puck” style in the industry. In specific applications, the SAS solid state relay offers many advantages over electromechanical devices, including no moving parts or contact arcing. In addition, solid state relays are directly compatible with logic components such as microprocessors and PLCs.

Optically isolated
LED status indicator
Clear safety cover included
800 volt blocking voltage (SAS3 models)
1200 volt blocking voltage (SAS6 models)
4000 volt isolation
Zero voltage turn-on
Improved built-in snubber
High surge capability
100% tested at rated current
U.L. recognized, CSA, CE compliance
Broad Selection For Many Applications
SAS solid state relays are available from 10A, 25A, 50A and 75A single phase. The SAS include a wide range input from 4-32 VDC or 100-280VAC, and output from 24-330VAC or 24-660VAC.

Opto-Isolated Input Limits Current Leakage
All series SAS solid state relays feature opto-isolated inputs where an internal LED signals a photosensitive element when output switching is to occur. This provides up to 4000V isolation between the input voltage and the output voltage and also limits current leakage. This feature is important in certain medical, residential and industrial applications. DC relays are also protected if the polarity is accidentally reversed during installation.

Output Circuit Has Many Protection Features
The Series SAS solid state relays feature zero voltage turn-on, which means they are designed to turn on at the next zero crossover after application of the control voltage. This limits electromagnetic interference, reducing the chance of damage to downstream equipment. A built-in snubber circuit reduces the likelihood of damage to the relay from rapid changes in voltage (dvdt) and transient voltages. In addition, all 330V output relays are designed with 800V blocking voltage and all 660V output relays are designed with 1200V blocking voltage, further protecting the relay.

  • range input : 4-32 VDC or 100-280VAC,
  • output : 24-330VAC or 24-660VAC.

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