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Gallon Clean Sorb Spill Kit

Gallon Clean Sorb Spill Kit

This 55 gallon, UN Rated, plastic drum and cover with bolt ring closure is supplied with Clean Sorb™ socks, pads, pillows, disposal bags, labels, Hazmat Response Guidebook and Spill Kit Instructions.
CleanSorb™ Spill Kit Contains: One UN rated (1H2Y250S) 55 gallon plastic drum with cover, 30 socks (3 inch x 48 inch), 55 pads (15 inch x 19 inch), 10 pillows (10 inch x 10 inch), 5 disposal bags with wire ties, 5 warning labels, 1 hazmat response guidebook and spill kit instructions.
CleanSorb™ absorbents are ideal for non-aggressive liquids like oils, coolants, solvents and water. 100% recycled cellulose sorbent soaks up to 23 times its weight in liquids. Incinerates easily with low ash residue.

  • Height : : 36.8"
  • Wt.: : 87 lbs.

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