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Gallon Rain Barrel

Gallon Rain Barrel

Catching rain can help save our planet's precious fresh water supply and can also reduce your water bills! Water shortages, droughts, and periods of water restriction have prompted water-conscious businesses and home dwellers to purchase rain barrels. Helping to save the environment is an important part of the story. Using "soft" rain water for plant watering is believed by many to be an excellent practice because rain water is non-chlorinated and fluoride free. In addition, collecting rain water can help reduce erosion and flooding and can reduce the amount of water needing to be processed in local treatment plants. By reusing rain water that's been collected, one can also reduce their water bills.
Our rain barrels have the features you are looking for to make reusing rain water easier:
Plastic mesh screen to help keep debris out of the water
Brass spigot (installed)
Covered rain barrel has easy on-and-off, twist top lid to keep water cleaner and help prevent insect growth (especially mosquitos)
Overflow valve which enables you to connect your garden hose, so water can be diverted away from a building, linked to another barrel, or used as a soaker hose that runs to a nearby area requiring water, such as a flower bed
Downspout adapter
Sealed with waterproof caulk to help prevent leaking

  • Color : Terra Cotta
  • Diameter : 23"
  • Height : 35 1/2"

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