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HAZMAT Shipper Box

HAZMAT Shipper Box

Pre-assembled, HAZMAT shipper includes one carton which holds four, 1 gallon paint cans, lids and locking rings, UN Rated 4GY27.9S. Certified to meet UN and UPS requirements, for ground shipments only.
Note: HAZMAT packaging is often sold without the cans, lids and locking rings. For your convenience, this selection includes the cans, lids and locking rings. If you are comparing prices on this item, be sure you are comparing products with the same UN rating, features, and components.
What is HAZMAT Packaging? The HAZMAT 4G designation is a dangerous goods packaging code used to alert shipping personnel that placed inside the outer cardboard container there is inner packaging which contains dangerous goods. The outer packaging eases the handling of smaller containers placed inside the outer carton such as bottles, cans, or tins. Therefore, a cardboard carton with a UN 4G designation is not just a box, it is a package of which the outer carton is just one component, the 4G packaging is a combination consisting of both the outer packaging and inner packaging, including proper inserts, as required.

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