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Salvage Drum Quad Pack

Salvage Drum Quad Pack

Salvage drums handle damaged or leaking containers of hazardous material. These steel drums are designed, manufactured, and certified to meet UN standards and have a safety yellow exterior color.
The Quad-Pack includes one, 85 gallon steel drum with a 34 inch fitting, 55 gallon, 30 gallon, and 8 gallon salvage drums with a plain cover. All supplied with bolt-type ring, bolt and nut, and rubber gasket.
The 85, 55, and 30 gallon steel drums have a corrosion-resistant epoxy-phenolic interior lining. The 8 gallon steel drum has a rust inhibitor interior.
Steel salvage drums meet UNDOT 49 CFR 173.3 (c) requirements
UN Rating:
85 Gallon 1A2X440S
55 Gallon 1A2X430S & 1A2Y1.5175
30 Gallon 1A2X400S
8 Gallon 1A2X96S & 1A2Y1.8150

  • Wt : 197 lb

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