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Our Complete range of products are BEKA HAMAX EP, MATO, BEKAWIND SINGLE, BEKA-MAX EP1 Pumps and FoodLine Automatic Lubrication Unit.


Large reservoir for very long operating times without refilling Particularly economical operation: Grease from large containers Optional lubricant level monitoring for highest security Tried-and-tested technology with desmodromic pump elements Also with hydraulic drive Function BEKA HAMAX EP consists of a grease pump with reservoir (capacity 2 - 16 kg) up to 3 pump elements PE-120 or PE-170 (fixed or variable). To protect the pump against vibrations, it is installed directly at the excavator. The lube point at the tool is connected to the pump by a high-pressure coupling and a high pressure hose. As soon as the hammer is activated, the pump supplies the lube point with chisel paste. The output is regulated by an adjustable pump element.

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Lube-Shuttle® Grease Guns Lube-Shuttle® grease guns by MATO are designed to allow complete use of lubricating grease without leaking grease onto equipment, tools and clothing. We stock all three models of the Lube-Shuttle grease guns, all featuring re-useable screw-top grease cartridges. Lube-Shuttle® keeps grease spills and leaks away from machine and shop surfaces: Premium quality leak-free construction Durable zinc-plated steel barrel Screw-top refillable cartridges In-shop refill stations available

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The single line central lubrication system BEKAWIND Single was developed especially for operation in wind converters. It can be used for the lubrication of all kinds of bearings including main bearings, blade bearings and yaw bearings. System Design The drawing to the right shows the design and the operating principle of a BEKAWIND Single central lubrication system for 3 blade bearings with each 6 lube points. The system consists of an electrical piston pump EP-1RS, 3 UE distributors with each 6 outlets, a pressure switch with manometer and the necessary tubes and fittings. The automatic lubrication system is controlled and monitored by the central controller of the wind converter. The lubricant is supplied as long into the main line, as the switching pressure of the pressure switch, which is situated at the end of the longest feed line, is reached. To achieve the switching-over of the distributor, the pump and the 22 way solenoid valve are switched off to release the pressure line. The remaining lubricant is delivered back to the reservoir. The automatic lubricating system is protected by a pressure relief valve with return flow to the reservoir. The reservoir is equipped with a level switch.

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  • Reservoir Size 1,9 / 2,5 / 4 / 8kg-1pc, 8kg-2pc and 16kg
  • Voltage 12 / 24V DC or 115 / 230 AC
  • Outlets Up to 6
  • Maximum Quantity Per Outlet 1,8cm³/min

Heavy duty components Suitable for NLGI, no special grease required Pump element with desmodromic drive for highest reliability Integrated control unit EP-tronic with: 3 operating modes: time, cycles or revolutions Electronic monitoring of grease level, pump function, distributor function, pipe rupture, lubricant feeding Selection of operating conditions: easy, medium or heavy Integrated data logger with diagnosis module Installation kits available Used as initial equipment by leading OEM’S

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BEKA FluiLube

With rail vehicles, wear on the wheels and the rail itself is a major problem together with the noise generated. FluiLube wheel flange lubrication systems reduce the wear of rail and wheel as well as the noise load in curves in a very efficient way. FluiLube wheel flange lubrication systems offer innovative technology with tried-and-tested components and best cost-benefit-ratio. The application of a FluiLube system using thixotropic lubricating media with high solids content represents the solution to these problems. The FluiLube wheel flange lubrication is designed as single line system. There are no moving parts except the pump. This means: little wear, fewer maintenance requirements and therefore low life-cycle costs. The FluiLube system corresponds to standard DIN EN 50 155 and 61 373.

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FoodLine Automatic Lubrication Unit

  • Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 115 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Pump Internal Gear Pump
  • Weight 28.0 kg (without lubricant)
  • Material (Reservoir) 1.4301
  • Reservoir Quantity 10 l

Different lubrication cycles can be controlled separately. The according work and break times are adjusted with the electronic control. The pre-lubrication switch activates an adjustable number of lubrication cycles. This serves for an intensive and quick lubrication, e.g. after the conveyor has been cleaned.

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Oil Recirculation Systems

BEKA designs and supplies oil circulating systems from the pump station and the oil distribution up to the complete piping layout. Gear pumps from our own production can be adapted in construction and form to the requirements of the customer. Lubricant: Oil Application For all machinery and plants requiring oil circulation lubrication with or without cooling effect, such as rolling mills, calenders, gear boxes, printing presses, presses, paper machines.

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