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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of ServoBelt Rotary, Direct Drive Theta, SLS Sealed Linear Stage, LowBoy Precision Stage and KAOS OEM.

ServoBelt Rotary

ServoBelt Rotary is a series of compact, high-torque rotary stages that offer through hole size and speed comparable to direct-drive rotary tables costing thousands more. Room in the Middle. ServoBelt Rotary stages offer two different through hole configurations. Available with 50-, 100- or 200-mm center openings, our large through hole stages accommodate large bundles of power, signal and pnuematic conductors. They also make it easy to integrate laser and optical systems. Standard-sized models with 16- or 25-mm through holes offer a more economical choice when fewer utilities need to pass through the center of the stage.

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Direct Drive Theta

Our Direct Drive Theta (DDT) rotary stage units feature a compact mechanical design that makes them easy to integrate into metrology systems and other machines that need precision positioning. Low Profile, Large Through Holes. DDT units are available in two sizes, both with ample space in the middle to bring power and utilities to the top of the stage. The DDT 100 offers a 15 mm through hole, and the DDT 200 has a 50 mm through hole. Both units are less than 50 mm tall.

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SLS Sealed Linear Stage

Linear stages in industrial settings often suffer from contamination problems. As manufacturing debris, particulate or liquid contaminants work their way into the stage, they can abrade or gum up the drive mechanism and bearings. Loss of precision and shortened lifecycle follow. Our Light and Medium SLS Sealed Linear Stages keep contamination in its proper place—outside the stage housing.

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LowBoy Precision Stage

LowBoy precision stages have a clean, low-profile package that simplifies integration into OEM machines, especially in stacked axis applications. LowBoy features two drivetrains for different force requirements. LowBoy Linear is driven by a cog-free linear servo motor rated for up to 280 N of continuous force. It has been used in semiconductor and metrology applications that require a reliable, precise linear motor positioning stage. LowBoy ServoNut is powered by Bell-Everman's driven-nut precision actuator and offers up to 1, 560 N of continuous force for use in applications requiring heavier-duty stages.

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Based on cog-free linear motors, KAOS two-axis positioning stages combine a differential-motion carriage and a primary carriage on a single rail. This patented design results in a fast, compact stage well suited to semiconductor, electronics assembly and pick-and-place applications. Lowest Moving Mass. Compared to a conventional stacked linear motor positioning stage, KAOS has only about one-tenth the moving mass, balancing linear motor size and acceleration.

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ServoNut Power Module

With its low-inertia, high-force driven nut design, ServoNut Power Module outperforms linear motors when it comes to load capacity, acceleration, speed, ease-of-installation and cost. ServoNut is also a more efficient alternative to conventional driven-screw ball screws. Zero backlash. ServoNut directly drives the nut along the screw with exact position feedback for backlash-free operation.

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Vacuum Rated Systems

Delivering precision motion in a vacuum chamber or cleanroom is never easy, but it’s a challenge that Bell-Everman meets every day. We have more than a decade of experience designing, building and testing motion hardware whose lubricants, materials and construction methods meet the most stringent outgassing and cleanliness requirements. We have engineered systems that comply with NASA’s low outgassing standard (ASTM E595) as well as the National Ignition Facility’s cleanliness requirements. All of our motion products, including our precision linear bearings, can be made cleanroom compatible. And we offer a wide variety of linear actuator, rotary actuator and motion stage designs capable of delivering precision motion at vacuum down to 10-7 torr.

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