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Tebevert DSP 19 Modular System

Tebevert DSP 19 Modular System

The DSP-120 19″ Modular Inverter System consist of a 19″ 6RU shelf with up to 6 inverter modules. Two options are available include 1KVA modules and 2.5KVA modules. These options are not interchangeable. Static and manual bypass switches are not available with the 19″ shelf. An optional remote monitoring module with TCPIP, HTML and SNMP is available and will use the 6th slot. With the addition of an expansion shelf up to 25KVA using 2.5KVA modules can be provided.

  • Size : 6-1KVA up to 12-KVA with expansion shelf6-2.5Kva up to 25KVA with expansion shelf5 modules with Remote Monitoring
  • Features & Compliances : Hot plug, 19″ Rack mountedNEBS Level 1 Certified (1KVA module only)Zone 4 Certified
  • Input : 48Vdc
  • Redundancy : N+1
  • Output : 120Vac 1Φ

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