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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Custom Films, HWX Conventional Hand Films, PalleTech T-Film Conventional Machine Film, Revolution High Performance Hand Films and performance films

Custom Films

With a leading technology development team, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, analytical and pilot capabilities, and nationwide field sales professionals, we have the resources to support your national, regional, or local business. We are dedicated to working with your company to ensure optimal film performance at cost-effective levels, while our research and development team is focused on sustainability initiatives, delivering improved performance with less packaging.

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HWX Conventional Hand Films

  • Length 1500, 2000 ft
  • Width 12, 14, 16, 18 in
  • Gauge 59, 65, 70. 79. 90 g

Samples may not be available for all products. Please use the above button to request samples when you have added all products to your inquiry. Exceptional two-sided cling. A blown film, featuring exceptional two-sided cling. It comes in a wide varied to gauges and widths. Hand pallet wrapping made easy! Economical and strong.

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PalleTech T-Film Conventional Machine Film

  • Gauge 60 to 120 g
  • Pre-stretch Capability N/A

Multi layer cast film. Provides a differential cling. High containment for low pre-stretch levels. Value film. Available in 60�??�?¢??120 gauge ideal for machines with low to no pre-stretch.

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Revolution High Performance Hand Films

  • Width 11, 13, 16, 18 in
  • Length 1500, 2000 ft
  • Gauge 39, 42, 47 g

Revolution handwrap offers dynamic cost savings potential by significantly reducing the amount of film required to effectively secure loads. A typical handwrap user can expect a reduction in film usage of 30%. High performance cast hand film offers up to 30% down-gauge potential versus conventional films.

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performance films

Barrier Sealant Films - Blown mono- and multi-layer films with a high-performing protective core that can range from HDPE, Nylon or EVOH, and may also be LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, or PP. Functionality typically includes one or a combination of moisture resistance, oxygen, CoF, aromaodor and flavor, oilgrease resistance, stiffness, strength, puncture resistance, seal range, optics (clarity), surface, and additives (color, antistat, BHT, antifog, UV). BullsEye HC Made from a proprietary polyethylene resin blend, BullsEye HC is a high-clarity co-extruded blown film. BullsEye HC is specifically designed for high speed and mass production for printed shrink film in multi-pack applications. Excellent haze and gloss coupled with very good surface toughness and shrink properties, makes this film a perfect product for printed applications. BullsEye HC is well suited for single roll continuous motion and two roll machines. Non-Barrier Sealant Films - Blown mono- and multi-layer films with a sealant core; both barrier and non-barrier structures are available. Key functionality can include combinations of hot tack, CoF, contaminates, moisture, seal temp, seal strength, and seal range (hermetic, openability, and reseal). OptiMil - Slim down your case packs without compromising your package integrity or your production speeds. Berry Plastics’ OptiMil® shrink bundling film is engineered to reduce the material needed to package supported tray packs by 15% to 30% versus conventional polyethylene shrink bundling films. Peel-Seal Lidding Films – With a blown or cast resin combination, film functionality criteria are typically seal (weld or easy peel), compatibility to seal structure, print receptive, moisture, oxygen, tamper evident type, and intended fabrication.

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Form Fill and Seal and Flow-wrapping - Solid performance on high-speed equipment Laminations - Polyethylene and EVOH structures engineered for specific applications Sheeting and Converted Tubing - Available in all configurations including single wound sheeting, layflat tubing, double wound, center slit, and perforated Skin Packaging - High value display packaging for retail applications Top and Deck Sheeting - Controlled coefficient of friction (COF) so loads remain stable

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MaxTech MaxPlus2 High Performance Machine Film

  • Width 20 or 30 in
  • Gauge 50 to 115 g
  • Pre-stretch Capability 225 to 250%

Multi-layer cast, quiet film that runs on a wide variety of equipment types. Excellent puncture and tear resistance. Provides an optimal down gauge up to 15�??�?¢??20% for semi-automatic equipment. Offers up to 250% pre-stretch capability �??�?¢?�??�?¢ One-side cling �??�?¢?�??�?¢ Excellent load holding force �??�?¢?�??�?¢ Film optics provide good clarity for barcode scanning. Outstanding performance at a reasonable price Turntable or rotary-arm high speed 20+ RPM. 10-15% down-gauge capability versus conventional machine films.

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