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Bus Floors

Bus Floors

BLT's specialized transit flooring is a high-performance material that is composed of 100% polyvinyl material. With the thick wear layer and the inseparable floor composition, imaged flooring can sustain constant strain, trauma, or water exposure, and not separate, crack, or break.

Most vinyl flooring options consist of three layers of material:

The wear layer -- which composes around 10% - 20% of the floor's thickness -- is very thin and prone to cracking, scratching, or breaking.
The image filler layer underneath the topcoat, which often takes the brunt of most scratching damage, distorting the image.
The scrap filler layer, which serves as the "pad" for the floor, but is usually composed of fiber-board or cardboard material that is susceptible to water damage, easy tearing and breaking, or denting.
BLT's G-Floor material is made of a single layer of pure polyvinyl material, with the availability of a protected image being placed underneath the topcoat for G-Floor's imaged series. This image is welded into the floor, ensuring that it cannot be split apart or damaged from front or back.

These filler layers cause the floor to appear thick, but lack the structural integrity to last the elements and heavy traffic. Additionally, the filler layers are vulnerable to damage, denting, puncturing, and ripping. The G-Floor advantage is that the material is made out of a solid sheet of vinyl, ensuring that the material has no creases, seams, or breaks.

BLT Transit Flooring Advantages:

Covers entire floor without seams
Prevents rust damage and wood rot
Durable polyvinyl lasts for years
Flexible material is easier to handle than stiffer competitors
Custom trim with utility knife for easy customization
No rubber odor
Special textured surfaces provide improved traction
Slip, water, and stain resistant

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