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Spiral Binding Coil Crimping Pliers

Cutting and crimping pliers are used to finish your spiral binding plastic coils. They perform two actions with just one motion: they cut the excess plastic spiral coil off, and they crimp in the edge to prevent the coil spines from simply spinning out of your book. Compatible with spiral coils of all sizes, this manual coil finisher tool quickly and easily finishes your spiral bound books for a clean and professional finish. They are a necessity for anyone who makes spiral bound books, and are used in just a few simple steps:

� Make sure the red dot side of the pliers is facing up.
� Position the pliers tip into the right hand side of the coil. Make sure the crimper is placed in the center of a curved coil.
� Squeeze the handles.
� Flip your book over and repeat the above steps on the other side.

That's it! In those four simple steps you can finish your spiral coils and have a professionally finished spiral bound book.

Some things to keep in mind: For step 2, keep in mind that the positioning of the crimper head on the coil is important to ensure a completed crimp. Make sure it is centered on the curve of a spiral for the best results. Also, for step 4, you must actually flip your book over to do the over side; simply moving the pliers to the over side without flipping the book will not work because the pliers only crimp in one direction.

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