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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Scuff Pads, Paint Remover, Engine Enamel Pt, Calipers Paints and Top Coat Combo Qt Spray

Scuff Pads

We offer Scuff Pads. POR-15® Scuff Pads are constructed of tightly-woven coarse fibers with EASY TEAR center perforation. POR-15® Scuff Pads will make sanding or scuffing any surface a breeze..EVEN CURED POR-15* ! Pack of three 6"x9" pads.

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Paint Remover

We are offering paint remover. Por-15â® is a clear spray-on remover, with the consistancy of water. In sample testing, our por-15â® strip was the choice of professional auto strippers. Remove any coating from any.

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Engine Enamel Pt

We offer Engine Enamel Pt. Treat and preserve plastic, rubber, and vinyl with POR-15® Boss Gloss. After we had tried some of the big national brands, we were disappointed with the way they seemed to fade away so quickly

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Calipers Paints

We offer Calipers Paints. Nothing ruins the appearance of a sharp set of wheels like dirty, corroded calipers lurking from behind. Now dress up those steel or aluminum calipers with a super-tough durable finish that will make your car or truck look terrific. Our new caliper paint is beautiful in appearance, and strong enough to withstand the punishment of road debris and temperature extremes. And it looks terrific on any car or truck. Then, whenever your calipers get covered with dirt and brake dust, clean them with anything you like; the POR-15® Caliper Paint™ will stand up to just about anything.

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Top Coat Combo Qt Spray

We offer Top Coat Combo Qt Spray. POR-15® Top Coat is a direct-to-metal coating designed to work incredibly well in all applications where there is a need to help preserve substrates susceptible to corrosion. Under exterior exposure POR-15® Top Coat has exceptional long-term gloss and color retention. POR-15® Top Coat can be applied directly to metal substrates, with no need for a primer or undercoat, and is formulated to form a robust barrier that sheds moisture to provide long lasting protection. POR-15® Top Coat provides excellent.

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Motorcycle Fuel Tank

We offer Motorcycle Fuel Tank. POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer was formulated and developed in our own laboratories due to the demand for a high-tech sealer impervious to all fuels, including the new Stage II fuels which have a high alcohol content. POR-15® Fuel Tank Sealer has superior strength and fuel resistance, and does not contain , a highly flammable and deadly

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Super Starter Kit

We created the super starter kit in response to requests from customers anxious to try out the entire 3-step rust-stopping system, as well as those customers who need only a small amount of product to cover the metal they plan to paint.

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Rubberized Under coating

We offer Rubberized Under Coating. It is a flexible, paintable, black coating. It is the only undercoating with POR-15® Technology and will protect against moisture, dust, heat and cold. It's an excellent moisture barrier for application over auto body repairs and creates an effective sound barrier that reduces vibration and deadens sound in wheel wells, quarter panels, fenders and under carriages. Provides superior adhesion to both painted and unpainted surfaces. POR-15® Rubberized Under Coating™ has superior resistance to road

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Boss Gloss

We offer Boss Gloss. Treat and preserve plastic, rubber, and vinyl with POR-15® Boss Gloss. After we had tried some of the big national brands, we were disappointed with the way they seemed to fade away so quickly, and

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Cleaner Degreaser Gall Qt Combo

Offers cleaner degreaser gall qt combo removes grease, oil, mildew, algae, soap films, and wax. The por-15® cleaner degreaser high-tech formulation emulsifies the heaviest dirt and grease with extreme efficiency to leave the surface cleaner than ever before. Use por-15® cleaner degreaser for cleaning and degreasing machinery parts, turbine blades, diesel engines, compressors, transformers, bulkheads.

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