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truck locks

truck locks

Bond Truck Locks hold castered equipment
in a fixed position.

These rugged semi steel truck locks are easily fitted to the underside of castered equipment to prevent inadvertent movement. Stepping on the petal activates a toggle action engaging the large spring loaded, friction based, brake disk tightly against the floor (see Photograph A). Pressing on the release rod with less than 7 foot pounds disengages the lock (see Photograph B).

Suggested mounting configuration:
For equipment with two rigid and two swivel casters, a single truck lock mounted between the swivel casters is sufficient. Equipment with four swivel casters should have two truck locks, mounted on opposite sides of the equipment.

Note: locks are designed to firmly fix the position of the equipment, not to lift it off the floor.

Bond Truck Locks are easy to maintain and repair.

Only an annual greasing is suggested for maintenance
Parts are available and repaired with press nuts or ā€œCā€ clips

  • Weight (lbs) : 7-1/2
  • Height (inches) Retracted : 4-9/16
  • Part Number : 4TL
  • Height (inches) Locked : 5-5/8

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