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Our Complete range of products are orthopedic felt, Wool Felt Undercarpet Pad, Automotive Needlepunch Felt, Green Roof Felt and Stamp Pad Synthetic Felt.

orthopedic felt

BIT manufactures the rayon and woolrayon needlepunch felt used to complete a line of podiatry and orthopedic products. These felts are fabricated into a product line currently supplied to major podiatric distributors as well as physicians and hospitals. Orthopedic felt consists of wool and rayon and used to pad splints, braces and casts. The felt helps to wick away perspiration, making the felt cool and comfortable to wear. Orthopedic felt is also used and footarch pads. Layered felt helps prevent pressure sores.

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Wool Felt Undercarpet Pad

Needlepunch carpet padding manufactured by BIT meets the need for interior comfort, design and safety in aircraft cabins and cockpits. Our wool felt undercarpet pad has superior performance to traditional synthetic felt pads. Wool has excellent durabilty. When blended with synthetic fibers, such as nylon, the durability of wool is increased. Wools’ natural memory allows it to rebound to its manufactured thickness, even after long term use. It absorbs odors, VOC’s and formaldehyde, therefore promoting a healthier indoor environment. Our wool undercarpet is also naturally flame retardant and passes the most stringent industry flame retardancy tests. Undercarpet padding by BIT provides softness and adequate support when walked upon. It provides a softer feel underfoot and provides added acoustical and insulation benefits as well as longer wear life for the carpet.

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Automotive Needlepunch Felt

BIT manufactures needlepunch wool and synthetic felts for autos, trains and buses. Our felts keep your ride quiet and comfortable. Needlepunch felt provide specific automotive functions such as absorbency, strength, flame retardancy, cushioning and sound dampening. Damping materials are designed to reduce the noise in the interior of the car by weakening or eliminating vibrations that are transferred to its body and cause unpleasant buzzing sounds. BIT felt meets SAE and ASTM requirements. Materials include eco-friendly wool, polyester and blended fibers. Needlepunch felt is available in rolls or cut sheets, made to your specifications with on-time delivery.

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Green Roof Felt

needlepunch wool felt for the Green Roof industry are produced from 100% recycled fibers, affordable with high performance for protection and separation. A Green Roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproof membrane. It may also include additional layers such a as a root barrier, drainage and irrigation systems. BIT offers two styles for the Green Roof industry: Protective needlepunch felt: used for cushioning waterproofing membranes. 8oz. or 12 oz. felts are used as an underlayment for other protective layers such as drainage panels. 16 oz. felts are used when gravel or soil will be placed on top.

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Stamp Pad Synthetic Felt

BIT has a special configuration of needle punch felts for use in stamp pads, nibs and cosmetic applicators. Your business and oror hobby-related customer will be impressed. Ink RollerStamp Pad: The felt can provide approximately 15, 000 impressions for long-lasting quality, and can be re-inked to extend its life through thousands more high-quality stamping experiences. The felt pad absorbs ink "like a sponge" and transfers ink evenly to a rubber stamp. Fiber Nibs for Writing Instruments: this unique felt allows for a consistent flow of ink and holding its shape for the life of the marker while providing a quiet writing experience. Cosmetic Applicators: the felt provides a high quality alternative to natural brush application of cosmetic products. The felt applicators can be custom engineered to dispense fluids of any viscosity.

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Wool Industrial Felt

  • Color Grey
  • Tensile Strength 250

BIT is a leading manufacturer of industrial felt products. We produce a broad range of wool felt, wool blend felt and synthetic felt products including SAE, Needled and Sheet felts. Our felt is custom manufactured for a wide range of applications and available in rolls or sheets. Our various grades of industrial felt range in different densities and wool content allowing ifor a variety of purposes and applications. Industrial felt provide absorbency, liquid repellency, filtering and cushioning. Since the fabric is not woven, the edges may be cut without fear of threads coming loose and the fiber unraveling.

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Saddle Pad Felt

  • Weight Per Sq. Felts 50-55oz
  • Felt Thickness 1/2

BIT manufactures wool and synthetic felts used in equestrian saddle pads. Our saddle pad felts provide an additional layer of shock absorption and conform to the horse's back, reducing pressure points to protect and minimize fatigue for the horse's back muscles. At BIT we know that a quality end product requires excellent raw material selection. Through our parent company, The Brickle Group, we are able to source the highest quality wool and synthetic fibers for our saddle pads. You’ll see and feel the superior quality and comfort of our saddle pad felts, providing both protection and style.

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Oil Absorbent Wool Felt

  • Dimensions 18x18
  • Unit of Issue 100 Per Carton

Tuffelt™ is a 100% recycled patented universal wool felt sorbent pad providing superior results compared to similar products currently in the marketplace. Felt has incredible wicking capabilities and is extremely absorbent, perfect for quickly soaking up oil. Tuffelt™ will retain its shape even when completely saturated. The pad can be wrung out and reused, saving you money! Use to wipe off dirty areas in the workshop, office hallway and factory heavy-traffic areas. Tuffelt™ can absorb oil and other hydrocarbon fluids quickly and easily. Tuffelt™ is a needlepunch felt, made from 100% recycled pre-consumer fiber while most sorbent products in the market are not. It has a high tensile strength and its’ dark color hides grime.Tuffelt™ rolls are appropriate to roll out in traffic areas. Tuffelt™ is a universal sorbent felt pad capable of handling all industrial liquids, spills, and maintenance needs . It absorbs oil, coolants, solvents and water. Safe, clean, durable and environmentally friendly.

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Wool Felt Footwear

Wool, wool blends and synthetic felt are great fabrics for both insulating footwear as well as providing a high quality aesthetic look to any footwear product. Breathable wool felt helps keep feet warm, dry and comfortable. The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body. Wool felt helps to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. In cold environments, wool boot liners decrease the risk of frostbite. These felts are designed to the specific requirements of our customers in regards to color, thickness and the density needed for the end application. Wool and synthetic felts by BIT can be produced from recycled or virgin fiber. We pride ourselves in working toward providing products that are both renewable and sustainable.

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