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We offer a complete product range of HVOF Plasma Tape, Flame Spray Tape, high temperature masking tape, Quality Assurance Marking Tape and Plasma Masking Tape

HVOF Plasma Tape

  • Adhesive Silicone
  • Application HVOF
  • Substrate/Carrier Silicone/Glass Cloth

BA 510-40 is a high temperature thermal spray masking tape designed for the most severe HVOF applications. Constructed of glass cloth and silicone rubber, BA 510-40 is able to withstand the grit blast and the energy of HVOF spray process.

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Flame Spray Tape

  • Adhesive Silicone
  • Substrate/Carrier Glass Cloth

BA 613 is a white silicone rubber-coated glass fabric with a high temperature silicone adhesive. The silicone rubber is tough and abrasion resistant to withstand high temperatures and grit blasting impact. The silicone adhesive provides excellent adhesion at high temperatures yet will remove cleanly.

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high temperature masking tape

  • Market Aircraft, Composites, Electronics, MRO, Space
  • Substrate/Carrier Smooth Crepe

BA 89 is a high temperature masking tape designed for clean removal from a variety of surfaces after exposure up to 325°F for 30 minutes. It features a high strength smooth crepe backing and superior conformability to irregular surfaces and corners. BA 89 also leaves an excellent paint line and resists paint flaking from the backing during the removal process.

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Quality Assurance Marking Tape

  • Color Multiple Colors
  • Product code BA 23TS QMT

BA 23TS QMT is a paper backed pressure-sensitive tape with easy clean removal from most surfaces. Used for part marking and color coding.

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Plasma Masking Tape

  • Adhesive Silicone
  • Process Thermal Spray / HVOF
  • Substrate/Carrier Silicone/Glass Cloth

BA 510 is a one step plasma masking tape constructed of a silicone rubberglass cloth backing coated with an aggressive high-temperature silicone adhesive.

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Rivet Tape

  • Color Clear / Amber
  • Process Rivet Setting

BA 951RT is used for rivet setting. It has a heavy backed removable protective film that does not leave residue after long attachment time. This tape has a stiff backing that makes application easier. BA 951RT also has a film laminated to the adhesive side of the tape that does not allow any adhesive to come in contact with the rivet head during use. BA 951RT will remain removable and not leave adhesive residue after long dwells or moderate heat exposure.

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Professional Painters Tape

  • Color Blue
  • Process Machine and Shop Handling

BA 23TS is a paper backed pressure-sensitive tape with a specially formulated adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight up to (14) days, exhibiting easy clean removal from most surfaces.

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Surface Protection Tape

  • Product code BAC 5034-4

BA 855 is a high impact and abrasion resistant surface protection tape. It is a combined tape with a quality durable rubber layer over a PVC layer and a natural rubber adhesive that provides easy removal. BA 855 also conforms well to contours and uneven surfaces.

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Linered Silicone Powder Coating Tape

  • Color Green
  • Substrate/Carrier Polyester

BA 815L is a heavy duty silicone splicing tape that provides a high temperature, high strength application, in the toughest of environments. Resists slivering when removed. Release liner provides excellent die cutting ability, easy release.

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ptfe film tape

  • Color Gray
  • Adhesive Silicone
  • Process Machine and Shop Handling, Organic coatings

BA 193D is a pressure sensitive tape using a skived & tensilized PTFE film that is coated with “high temperature” silicone adhesive. The tensilized film provides higher tensile strength, lower elongation and higher dielectric strength than regular skived film.

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