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Heavy Duty Wire Display Rack

Heavy Duty Wire Display Rack

Designed to accommodate a large number of products in a minimum amount of floor space, our 2 sided wire grid retail floor displays are currently being used in the sporting goods industry to showcase a line of branded watches for outdoorsmenwomen. Employing a variety of production capabilities to construct these sturdy high-quality floor displays required Bull Display to, straighten and cut wire, fixture and spot weld wire grid panels, shear, pierce, and form the base and large cardholder panels. All components were then MIG welded together. A classic high gloss black powder coated finish provides an unobtrusive rich finish that lets the displayed products and the graphics stand out in a retail establishment. Displayed product is hung from 6” balled-end safety peg hooks. Large vertical card holders allow insertion of attention getting graphic panels with a 2 sided 5” card holder for header graphics. The use of card holder type panels to capture graphics allows for ease in changing graphics for seasonality or to refresh the look without the need to purchase complete new displays.

Holding our standard tolerances; shearing tolerance of (±) .0156 inches, welding tolerance of (±) .0312, multiple form tolerance of (±) .0625 inches, our line of wire grid retail floor displays are simple, sturdy and attractive. This display, utilizes a standard 2” square wire grid that allows for virtually limitless configurations of hooks – which creates unmatched versatility so planograms with different skew mixes and package sizes can be made using the same basic display. Well designed graphics can really make this display standout on the retailer’s floor. This wire grid floor display measures 20x18x64 inches and weigh 50 pounds. The included casters allows for ease in relocating within the store or to move while cleaning the floor. For smaller sports retailers, a counter unit was also designed. This display has been shipped nationwide, including Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, and Washington.

  • Overall Part Dimensions : 20” x 18” x 64” tall
  • Product Description : Free standing floor display designed to hold a high volume of product.
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes : Cutting Drilling Shearing Spot weld wire grid Straighten and cut wire
  • Equipment Used to Manufacture Part : Brake press Multi-head spot welder Powder coating (paint) line. Shear, punch press Wire straightener and cutter
  • Features : Designed to allow for great flexibility to accommodate multiple skews of product of varying size. Simple, sturdy, and attractive.Designed to allow custom graphics to enhance for specific company/product recognition.Display unit is mobile for ease i

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