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We offer a complete product range of Fabricated Low Carbon Steel Delay Core, Engineering of a Kovar Weld Stud, Large Headed Rivet in Brass, Stainless Steel Adjusting Screw and Brass Split Terminal Pin

Fabricated Low Carbon Steel Delay Core

  • Product Description This delay core is used as an internal time delay for stopping electricity flow in circuit breakers
  • Overall Part Dimensions Ø 0.0930" Diameter
  • Volume 500,000 / Month
  • Delivery/Turnaround Time 6 weeks ARO

A customer in the electronics industry contracted C & L Rivet to fabricate a delay core for one of their product lines. This unit acts as an internal time delay for stopping the flow of electricity in circuit breakers. Fabrication began with 0.0890" diameter low carbon steel wire, which was formed and headed using our advanced 2 die 3 blow cold header. Parts were then deburred and ground to size with our specially developed tumbling process. To increase material durability and wear resistance, this part was heat treated and copper plated for enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance. We provide copper plating in 0.000025" - 0.00075" thicknesses and max finish of 40 RMS. The cold heading portion for this part called for the extremely tight tolerances of ±.0002". Finished dimensions of the delay core were 0.4800" - 0.5650" long, and 0.0930" in diameter. All manufacturing and secondary processing was completed in house at our ISO certified facility. Our products and processes are subject to rigorous quality measures, completing thorough testing and inspections throughout fabrication. This quality program includes dimensional and optical inspections, as well as Statistical Process Control (SPC). We currently ship 500, 000 delay core units per month to the customer's locations throughout the world. For more information about this delay core project or any of our other capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Engineering of a Kovar Weld Stud

  • Product Description These parts are used in the electrical contact applications
  • Overall Part Dimensions Ø 0.0240" diameter +/- 0.0010" Length
  • Volume 500,000 / Year
  • Material Used Kovar Wire Thickness: 0.024" dia round wire

Engineering of a Kovar Weld Stud for the Glass Seal Industry Engineering of a Kovar Weld Stud for the Glass Seal Industry C &L Rivet was commissioned by a customer in the glass seal industry to design and fabricate a cold-headed version of their screw machined weld stud. This re-design would mean improved surface finish and product performance, as well as material and production cost savings. Our experts collaborated with their engineers to produce the new design and tooling for this upgraded process. Process a 0.0240" diameter...+- 0.0010" throughout. Completed dimensions were 0.0370" long and 0.0460" in diameter Kovar wire to the specified size, holding tight tolerances of ± 0.001" throughout. Completed dimensions were 0.0370" long and 0.0460" in diameter, with a 16 RMS finish. To provide a total manufacturing solution, the parts were cleaned and packaged for shipping. During production, optical and dimensional inspections were carried out to ensure accuracy; in addition this part was subjected to our internal quality control measures. Turnaround time for this project was 6 - 8 weeks, with an annual shipping schedule of 500, 000 units. For more details about this Kovar weld stud project, or how we develop cold-headed processes for screw machined parts, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Large Headed Rivet in Brass

  • Product Description This rivet is used in mechanical circuit breakers as a stop mechanism when breakers trip.
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 0.4980" OD: Ø 0.1250"
  • Material Used Brass Thickness: Ø 0.095" round wire
  • Volume 5 - 10 million per year

Cold Heading of a Large Headed Rivet in Brass for the Telecommunications Industry Cold Heading of a Large Headed Rivet in Brass for the Telecommunications Industry C&L Rivet was recently contracted to convert a large headed screw machine product to shank ratio through a cold headed process, a cost savings move by the customer. In addition to the cost benefit, the newer process would produce a better performing rivet. This rivet is used in a telecommunications application, as a stop mechanism in mechanical circuit breakers. We designed and co-engineered the necessary tooling and specifics of the new process, maintaining the guidelines for proper dimensioning and tolerance as set by GD&T. Production was carried out at our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, where we used our 2 die 3 blow cold header to transform 0.0950" diameter round wire brass to the specified shape, holding a tight ± 0.0010" tolerances. Finished dimensions were 0.4980" long, with an outer diameter of 0.1250". This product was custom packaged at 10, 000 pieces per bag, and shipped to Mexico, China, and areas within the USA. We maintain a yearly shipping schedule of 5 - 10 million parts for this rivet. Typical turnaround time for a project of this magnitude is 6 weeks. For more information about this cold heading project or our other manufacturing capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Stainless Steel Adjusting Screw

  • Product Description This screw is used for adjusting a sprinkler system.
  • Additional Facts Packaged in 26 lb. bags Head Style: Flat Head Screw Driver Type: Phillips Head
  • Volume 5 - 10 million per year 10,000 pieces per year
  • Overall Part Dimensions Shank: Ø 0.164" ± 0.001" Length: 0.805" ± 0.010

Cold Heading of a Stainless Steel Adjusting Screw for the Water Sprinkler Industry Cold Heading of a Stainless Steel Adjusting Screw for the Water Sprinkler Industry A client in the water sprinkler industry needed a company with the expertise to re-engineer and convert their adjusting screw fabrication process from screw machined to cold headed. With over 45 years manufacturing precision parts for customers in various industries, C&L was up to the challenge. We consulted with their engineers to design the part from the ground up for form, fit, and function. We designed the tooling, and handled 90% of the tooling fabrication in house. This is a flat head screw, designed for use with a Phillips head screwdriver. The part was fabricated primarily using our 2 die 3 blow cold header, manipulating 0.1395" diameter, 302 stainless steel round wire into the specified finished dimensions of 0.805" long with a 0.0164" diameter shank. Tightest tolerance of ± 0.007" was held throughout. Additional thread rolling was also performed, followed by cleaning and prep for packaging. The customer requested specialized packaging of 26 lb. bags, which we readily accommodated. As with all of the products fabricated in our ISO 9000:2008 certified facility, this adjusting screw was constructed in compliance of a number of industry standards, including ANSI B18.6.3 1998 requirements for flat head screws. This screw was tested for accuracy and functionality, with dimensional testing and visual testing carried out as well as analyzing all critical dimensions with SPC software., We currently ship 5 - 10 million units annually across the USA, with turnaround times of 10 - 12 weeks. For more details about this screw machining process or to discover more about converting your machined part to the cost effective process of cold heading, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Brass Split Terminal Pin

  • Product Description This brass rivet is used as a pin for a split terminal.
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 0.8540"
  • Volume 3 million per year with monthly releases
  • Material Used COA 260 Brass Wire Thickness: Ø 0.118" round wire

Cold Heading of a Brass Split Terminal Pin for the Electronic Connector Industry C&L Rivet was contracted by a manufacturer of electronic connectors to design a precision cold heading process for this brass rivet. This part was originally produced in a screw machined process, converting the part to cold heading resulted in considerable cost savings. Custom tooling was designed and fabricated in order to complete the switch. The part was completed on our 2 die 3 blow cold header, starting with Ø 0.1180" diameter CDA 260 brass round wire. Finished length was 0.8540", holding tight tolerances of ± 0.002". We employed a tumble deburring process to completely clean and smooth the rivet slot before packaging. We ship 3 million units per year for this customer, with scheduled monthly releases, and turnarounds of 6-8 weeks. This rivet was previously manufactured in China as a machined part with drilled holes and a machined slot, costing $0.09 - $0.12 per unit. The new cold headed process resulted in a $0.03 per unit cost, an impressive savings. In addition, the new process resulted in increased production speeds and zero material waste. These are typical benefits of converting to cold heading. For more information about this split terminal pin project or our other value added manufacturing capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Power Seat Transmission

  • Product Description Automotive Power Seat Transmission
  • Overall Part Dimensions Shank: Ø 0.120
  • Delivery Location USA
  • Product Name Crimped Rivet

Automotive Power Seat Transmission Power Seat Transmission Automotive Power Seat Transmission In the project highlighted here, we helped a major automotive OEM with a problem that was threatening to cause significant disruptions to production and create a high scrap rate. At C&L Rivet Company, we specialize in developing solutions to challenging problems such as the one highlighted here. The customer was using a standard rivet in a clamshell housing of a transmission; the vibration experienced during normal operation caused the rivet to loosen, resulting in fluid leakage from the transmission. The transmission uses an injection molded clamshell housing which is manufactured using very expensive molds that would have to be modified to remedy the situation. Additionally, they would also have to scrap a large number of parts that were already manufactured. Both of these scenarios equaled a great deal of additional costs and time. At C&L Rivet, our reputation as problem solvers brought this customer to us. In just a matter weeks, our team developed a knurled rivet that would work as a direct replacement for the failing units currently in use. This design not only solved the wear and subsequent leakage problem but also added a level of durability that the previous rivet could not match. The rivet we developed is composed of C1006 steel and is manufactured using a cold heading process. We chose cold heading because it would deliver the required volume and high precision that the project required. The finished rivets featured a 0.120" diameter shank and a .160" diameter knurled or ribbed shoulder by 0.625 long. All of which required tolerances of ± 0.002". This example epitomizes a successful project; the customer thought so as well and awarded us a contract for the ongoing production of this part. We now manufacturer 10 to 20 million of these rivets annually, with specified quantities released monthly. To learn more about this project or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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