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We offer a complete product range of pcb magazines, MAESTRO 4S PCB separator, MAESTRO 5L PCB separator, universal cutting machine and PCB separator MAESTRO 3E

pcb magazines

  • SERIES 100 / 180 / 300

The cab PCB magazines can be filled when standing vertical or laying horizontal. The system is totally adjustable for width and can be assembled according to your individual requirements. For different size PCBs we offer PCB magazines with a height of 100, 180 and 300 mm. All magazines have 32 slots, each with a 10 mm clearance between them, thereby providing maximum use of available space. Secure The precision molded slots are funnel shaped at each end to simplify the insertion of each circuit board. The location of each mounting slot is shown by yellow and white positioning strips. These enable boards to be loaded while avoiding the risk of being loaded by hand in the wrong position.

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MAESTRO 4S PCB separator

  • Weight 38 kg 46 kg
  • Width 702 mm 852 mm

The MAESTRO 4S separates both large and small PCBs quickly, economically and without stress. Cutting with only a single traverse of the pre-scored groove causes tensile and compressive stresses that can damage sensitive components near the groove. Even a second traverse of the groove accompanied by an adjustment of the blade distance substantially reduces the tensile and compressive stresses. This significantly improves the quality of the populated PCBs. The blade distance is entered on the operating panel and its adjustment is motor-powered.Up to nine programs can be stored.The materials used for PCBs are FR4 and aluminumThe continuously adjustable separation length is set with limit switches.The accumulated cutting performance is displayed for the purpose of scheduling preventive maintenance of the blade

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MAESTRO 5L PCB separator

  • Weight 63 kg
  • Dimensions 750 - 1000 mm 440 mm 1100 mm

MAESTRO 5L with base frame is used most economically whenever large numbers of pre-scored PCBs need to be separated. The well-arranged control panel ensures easy operation. Machine with base frame - adjustable in height for optimal modification of each application. PCB Separator MAESTRO 5L with base framezoom in Blades: Titan coated serially PCB panels with maximum width of 310 mm can be separated by up to 11 pairs of circular blades simultaneously. Configuration of the blades is adjusted to your individual PCB also the cover and the guide. Sensors are used to monitor the separating process. The PCBs are placed either by hand or they feed automatically by a loading station. The machine can also be installed in an assembling line. The SMEMA interface is the standard connection for use. every machine is automatically prepared for dust extraction and with cleaning brushes for rear-end conveyor. PCB panels wider than 310 mm machine on request..

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universal cutting machine

  • Material Thickness 2,5 up to 7 mm
  • Material Length 10 mm – 10 m
  • SERIES FS 100

Resulting from the ease of use and low procurement cost the universal cutter is economicaly viable even for small quantities or samples. Easy Operation Precision Cutting Economical

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PCB separator MAESTRO 3E

  • Weight 22 kg
  • Dimension 455 x 350 x 700 mm

MAESTRO 3E separates both small and large pre-scored PCBs. The table and the rest can be continuously adjusted to the most suitable working position. The slit between the linear blade and the rest can be adjusted to ensure that the side strips fall through and are sorted out. The PCB is placed with its pre-scored groove onto the linear blade and the circular blade is then drawn by hand across the PCB. The clearance between the upper guide and the linear blade ist adustable to ensure that the PCB is only separated in the pre-scored groove.

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Pcb Separator

  • Weight 16 kg19 kg
  • Dimension 330 x 195 x 620 mm

MAESTRO 2 separates small amount and prototype series of PCBs fast and economically. The compact and stable aluminum frame requires only a minimum of space. MAESTRO 2 is the reasonable model to start with, suitable for smaller numbers of PCBs. The PCB is fed manually between the circular blades and is thereby separated. MAESTRO 2M motorized Separates large numbers of PCBs without fatigue of the operator. The lower circular blade is driven by a motor. The PCB is fed between the circular blades where it is seized, transported and separated. Three different speeds can be selected. Especially useful for high packing density or thin edge stripes. Maestro 22M: Safe operationzoom in Strain of components Frequently for critical components an upper limit of tensile stress will be determined. Please ask us regarding possibilities to reduce tensile stress of components. Safe Operation The PCB is held with both hands and fed between the circular blades for separation. The clearance between the upper guide and the lower guide is adjustable to ensure that the PCB is only fed through the machine in the pre-scored groove.

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Off-cut remover Hektor 2

  • Weight 2.7 kg
  • Dimension 170 x 220 x 255 mm

Hektor separates milled PCBs carefully and fast. The offcut material is removed smoothly and precisely. The matrix consists of two parts. This ensures easy and cost-saving change of the blades. Compressed air is used for the separation process. The operating pressure can be set on the machine. When the foot switch is pressed, the off-cut is punched out. The off-cuts are collected in the collecting box. When the gate is opened the waste material can be extracted.

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