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Mud Pumps

Mud Pumps

The CMP 1600 mud pump is a single-acting reciprocating triplex mud pump that delivers increased reliability, improved maintainability, and reduced weight and footprint.

Built on the success of the WH-Series 1612 onshore mud pump, the CMP 1600 mud pump accommodates discharge pressure up to 7,500 psi and fluid flow up to 826 galUSmin.

Increased uptime and operational efficiency

The CMP 1600 mud pump features several advancements to improve pump reliability.

Design that produces high flow rates, even at low operating speeds, for reduced stress and wear of components
Main bearings constructed with advanced materials and treatments for longer bearing life compared with previous-generation pumps
Carburized and hardened gear tooth surfaces that resist pitting and wear and enable increased drive strength
Easy access for maintenance and inspection

Strategic placement and improved serviceability of the mud pump’s critical components enable much safer and easier access during maintenance and inspection. The two-piece, quick-release piston rod enables piston removal without disturbing the liner; for added simplicity, all sensors, monitoring devices, and optional instruments are wired to a single junction box.

Integrated frame for streamlined transportation

A redesigned frame delivers superior strength and rigidity with a 15% reduction in weight compared with previous models. The skid is now integrated into the structural frame to reduce its footprint, height, and weight.

  • Series : CMP 1600

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