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C-Matt Replacement VersaCare Foam Mattress

C-Matt Replacement VersaCare Foam Mattress

C-Matt™ Replacement VersaCare Foam Mattress technology:
Adjustable length. The calf and foot section of our VersaCare mattress is made of viscoelastic memory foam. It is designed with an accordion effect that can expand and contract between 80 – 86 inches to comfortably fit all patients.
Magnet technology. Powerful magnets keep our cover and mattress secured to the bed frame. This technology ensures patient comfort regardless of what length the mattress is adjusted and allows for easy removal for cleaning and maintenance.
Custom stay-put design. The bottom of our mattress is specially contoured to conform to the bed frame; preventing slippage and keeping the mattress in place, even during size adjustment.
Replacement covers and refresher components. As with any surface, after a substantial amount of use, certain areas of the mattress may begin to diminish, while other areas remain intact. Casco provides replacement covers and refresher kits, so you can replace only the parts that need it, and keep the parts that don’t — saving you money.
Cover features include:
Patented seal. Radio frequency (RF) welding technology and our patented “waterfall” zipper flap prevent fluids from penetrating the mattress.
Bi-directional stretch. Breathable, two-way stretch fabric gives added comfort and durability. Also prevents “hammocking;” allowing for easier patient transfer.
Microclimate technology. Polyurethane coated fabric absorbs body heat and perspiration and disperses it away from the patient; resulting in improved comfort and reduced incidence of skin breakdown.
Full perimeter zipper. A zipper that goes around the cover’s entire perimeter makes for easy removal for cleaning and maintenance.
Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Our fabric is treated to inhibit bacterial growth and has proven to be hypoallergenic.
Medical-grade tri-laminate vinyl bottom. The bottom of our cover is constructed of a polyester scrim surrounded by two layers of vinyl. This durable construction enhances the longevity of the mattress and helps it maintain its proper form. It is also antimicrobial, antifungal and fluid-proof.
Foam features include:
Multi-zone foam core. The right support in the right places helps to redistribute a patient’s weight, enhancing comfort and reducing the incidence of skin breakdown.
Viscoelastic memory foam topper. This technology is incorporated within our multi-zone foam core to provide enhanced pressure redistribution at high-risk body points. Patients immerse into the foam which then envelopes around them to provide extraordinary support.
Oversized firm perimeter side rails. The perimeter of our mattress consists of heavy-duty foam that provides added security and support to patients. These supportive side rails provide a barrier to keep patients safely nestled toward the center of the mattress and prevent bottoming out when patients sit on the side of the mattress to get in or out of bed.
Shear liner. Our foam is surrounded by a liner to eliminate friction between the foam core and the cover, which reduces shear and friction. The same microclimate technology used in our covers is also used in this liner to absorb and redistribute body heat and perspiration.
Fire barrier. We are in compliance with all state and federal fire safety standards. Meets Cal 129Fed 1633.

  • DIMENSIONS : 80 x 36 x 6 in
  • WEIGHT : 37 lbs

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