Royal Commodities International-LLP

Royal Commodities International-LLP

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Refined White Sugar

Refined White Sugar

We are widely acknowledged for providing high quality Refined White Sugar. Sugar is refined by means of a purification process so as to remove certain amount of impurities and coarseness from it. The ultimate result of this process is Refined White Sugar. Our Refined White Sugar is appreciated for purity, sweet taste, freshness and unadulterated nature. Refined White Sugar is widely used in preparing confectionary, sweet dishes, etc.


  • Quality standard/ specification
  • Refined white cane sugar
  • Commodity white cane sugar ICUMSA 45 RBU
  • Attenuation index units (method # 4-1978)
  • Polarity at 20 deg centigrade 99.80 min.
  • Sulphate & ash content 0.04%
  • Moisture 0.04%
  • Solubility 100.0% drt and free flowing granulation fine
  • Sediments none
  • Color sparkling white
  • Crop 2008 - 2009
  • Magnetic particles mg/k 4.
  • So2 70 mg/kg maximum
  • Radiation normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine: certified
  • Smell free of any smell & all pathogens; staph aureas
  • Reducing sugar 0.05% max
  • Subtance solid cristal maximum by weight
  • Max as 1 p.p.m.
  • Max os 2 p.p.m. Maximum.
  • Max cu 3 p.p.m.

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