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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Chapin Deluxe Configurator, Top Drip Heavy Wall Configurator, Turbo Tape Echelon Configurator, ClickTIF Button Emitters and Insert Fittings.

CNL Configurator

  • size 17
  • coil length 1000
  • weight 38
  • pallet 24

mnon is a an innovative, pressure compensating dripline utilizing the Cascade Labyrinth and includes special anti-siphon and compensating non-leak models. Amnon CNL (Pressure Compensated Non-Leak) is ideal for pulse irrigation and systems you prefer not to drain during irrigation cycles. Amnon AS (Pressure Compensated Anti-Siphon) is ideal for on-ground or buried applications. Amnon emitterline is the choice for greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards and orchards.

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Aqualine Signature Configurator

Jain Signature Aqualine is a pressure compensating integral emitterline featuring the ADI emitter and NaanPC emitter. The ADI is a revolutionary self-compensated turbulent flow labyrinth inline emitter, produced under a world wide registered patent. It uses the same flow path as the ADO button emitter. The NaanPC emitter features a newly formulated silicone diaphragm ensuring reliable and accurate performance at diverse water qualities, chemicals and fertilizers.

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Aqualine Traditional Configurator Load Configurator Dealer Locator

Cylindrical dripper, with unique Cascade labyrinth technology ensuring long-term flow accuracy and uniformity. Unique self cleaning operation Wider flow path facilitates constant flushing of sand and dirt particles Very high resistance to clogging Dual inlet filters guarantees high performance Dual opposing outlets prevent clogging and or back-siphoning Precision emitter manufacturing using medium to high density PE materials for long life and high chemical resistance Permanent bonded inline emitters during extrusion process minimizes joints and offer lower frictional losses Emitterline hose manufactured from LLDPE, UV protected, conforming to ASAE S 435 Available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm diameters with multiple flow rates and spacing options to meet grower needs

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Cascade Thin Wall Emitter Line Configurator

Cascade Jain Discrete Emitter Drip Tape is a premium product of modern drip technology. Cascade is manufactured with the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery featuring computerized continuous online quality control using powerful photo imaging technology. Flat emitters are designed and manufactured using The Cascade Labyrinth Technology**, which guarantees higher clogging resistance and superior performance.

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Chapin Deluxe Configurator

  • mil 6
  • coil 12
  • length 10,000
  • weight 77

Growers are increasingly challenged to deliver high quality, uniform crops, while obtaining the greatest return on investments in water, labor, management and materials. Chapin tape has helped lead the way to achieve these goals. Chapin Tape leads the industry in providing the largest flow path, best Cvs and greatest strength in any wall thickness of tape. As the pioneer in drip irrigation, with 50 years experience making the highest quality drip irrigation tape, Chapin has the widest selection of flow rates, wall thicknesses and inlet filtration options available today. The extraordinary reliability and performance of Chapin Tape is attested to by long term Chapin Tape users world-wide.

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Top Drip Heavy Wall Configurator

  • roll lenght 1000
  • roll id 16
  • roll width 9
  • size 60

Innovative, cost effective, heavy duty pressure-compensating (PC) and anti- syccurate pressure comensating dripper Cascade labyrinth incorporated for maximum clog resistance Protection from root intrussion Unique double self-cleaning mechanism Allows longer laterals and maximum uniformity Large water passages for optimal durability at low flow rates Multiple channel water inlet for operation under heavy dirt load Close dripper spacing creates a continuous wetted strip

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Turbo Tape Echelon Configurator

Two sets of filtering inlets on either side of the flow path, the outer inlets run the complete length of tape - Providing excellent plug resistance for a close spacing tape - Each emitter, serviced by multiple filtered inlets

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ClickTIF Button Emitters

  • Regulating pressure range 7 to 60 psi
  • Coefficient of Variation (Cv) 3%
  • Greenhouse & Nurseries Check Non Leak (CNL 11 psi and Closing pressure: 4 psi

lickTIF button dripper is designed for orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape applications. It provides precise irrigation in soilless media and pulse irrigation. CNL models prevent drainage in low places and operates in subsurface applications. Durable construction protects against woodpeckers and other animal damage. Irrigation of pot-plants: one, two or four outlets.

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Insert Fittings

  • Operating pressure up to 50 PSI

he go-to fitting option for most contractors will always be the standard 17mm barbed insert fitting. Another low cost alternative to a locking fitting, the 17mm fittings offered by Jain are made with regrind tubing plastic. This helps keep the cost low while reducing our carbon footprint. Available in elbow, tee and coupling configuration Jain will also be introducing a 34" FPT Tee adapter in the coming months.

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Compression Fittings

  • sizes .620, .700 and .710 OD
  • Operating pressure up to 60 PSI

Historically one of the more popular emitterline fitting options, compression fittings are a quick, low cost alternative to a locking fitting. Jain compression fittings come with easy to reference color coded inserts to assist in determining size on an already installed system.

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