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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of PTFE Thread Seal Tapes, electrical tape, Cable Ties, Safety Glasses and Bungee Cords

PTFE Thread Seal Tapes

For the biggest bang for your buck check out the Medium Density PTFE thread seal tape. For a much denser tape click on High Density PTFE thread seal tape. For those of you that need it there is a specific manufactured tape for use with petroleum gas and liquids. Check out Yellow Gas Line PTFE thread seal tape . PTFE thread seal tape is used to provide an airtight seal and also a lubricant. PTFE thread seal resin is extruded into sheets and rolled onto log rolls; these are really big rolls of tape. These sheets are cut to size (12" & 1”) and then spooled into the rolls we have used for the past 30 years. Except for some of the color coded versions (Gas Line, Oxygen Line, etc.), they all look pretty much the same. How the PTFE thread seal resin is extruded and the density makes all the difference in the world. For normal home and office plumbing systems Medium Density PTFE thread seal tape is the accepted standard. Every plumber in the country has a roll in his tool box or on his tool belt. Coast Tape is able to offer our customers a High Density PTFE thread seal tape for use in high pressure systems and in other situations that call for it.

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electrical tape

We live in a global economy and Coast Tape is proud to carry only imported electrical tapes. In black as well as code colors each and every tape roll is individually shrink wrapped and packed in ten roll sleeves. UL listed and 7 mils thick this electrical tape is one of the work horses of the age we live in. Black Electrical Tape is such a common item, made all over the world in a variety of sizes. Here at Coast Tape we chose to keep it simple with one size for all. This is a 34" x 60' roll that is shrink wrapped -- even bar coded. This 7 mils thick tape has a long term adhesive; put this tape down and leave it alone. Over the years the adhesive forms almost a slick seal and resists corrosion. We carry a rainbow of the coding colors Electrical Contractors need for their specific purposes. The fun thing about this tape is that when the local schools find out that your store carries their colors they use it for the strangest things, such as to color the marching band flag poles or decorate the floor in the school colors for the prom - if you can think it up, they will use it. Both black and the colors in electrical tape are individually shrink wrapped, labeled, and bar-coded.

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Cable Ties

One of the most useful gadgets in any toolbox is the cable tie. Each cable tie has a tapered end and a header end. Simply insert tab 'a' in slot 'b' and pull it tight. No knots or crimping needed. These little guys are used on the PC on your desk and in the air conditioning system cooling your office. Cable ties come as short as 4 12" up to a full four feet in length and from 18Lb. tensile strength up to 175 pounds of tensile strength. Versatile and inexpensive these are by far the best product to come out of the Telecommunications industry. Cable ties are both natural (clear) and UV Black. Black ties are resistant to sun light, while natural ties will get brittle and fail in direct sunlight.

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Safety Glasses

  • Series SB1801S

Motivating employees to wear safety glasses can be as simple as providing them with a pair of glasses that are fun to wear. We carry Venture II glasses that meet the ANSI Codes. They are both lightweight and easy to wear. The eye protection covers you from side to side with wraparound lenses. The ear rests are adjustable to fit almost any head (even Tony's). The frame itself rests on your forehead to prevent shavings from coming over the top of the glasses. The variety of colors makes the Venture II glasses useful in many applications. Inside? Go with the clear lenses. Outside? Use either mirrored or gray. For night we recommend the amber glasses.

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Bungee Cords

  • sized 72

These basic cords are made from multiple heavy duty rubber strands encased within a sturdy cloth sleeve. The ends are connected to a steel hook through a hole in the bottom of the hook. The cord fits through the hole and back down and then fastened with steel wire.

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work gloves

These gloves are a high end, long life work glove. Smooth leather covers the palm of the hand with the thumb and index finger solid leather. The rest of the fingers have leather on the underside, over the finger tip to the first knuckle. Striped denim covers the back of the hand with a single leather strip covering the knuckles at the base of your fingers. Common work gloves have a starched cuff -- this feels strong at the store, but once you put some wear on them the cuffs soften and become more pliable. The cuffs of these gloves have been "rubberized" giving them a longer life and greater wearability.

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