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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of OGW threading products, Indexa-V Drill, Millstar Tooling, Thread Mill Tooling Systems and COLE DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS.

OGW threading products

  • series P110, Q125, NL80, J55

Cole OGW: A Global Leader in Carbide Threading Inserts and Threading Systems Cole OGW manufactures carbide threading inserts and threading systems in both standard and special thread form. Advanced designs and innovative manufacturing techniques position Cole OGW as a world leader in threading. OGW threading products feature thread pitches that are similar and tolerances that differ from one market to another. Working with established carbide suppliers and coating partners, Cole OGW offers the latest substrates and coatings to optimize threading throughput no matter what material you are threading - P110, Q125, NL80, J55 high alloy steels, K55 foreign, or domestic. Cole OGW products excel in usability and efficiency. For example, uniquely designed multi-tooth chasers, single point threading tools, holders and I.D. bars combine multiple operations in one holder or bar assembly.

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Indexa-V Drill

  • Diameter 0.4375" (11.11mm) to 1.378" (35.00mm

Indexa-V: Custom Indexable Tooling, Carbide Drill Systems and Precision Metal Cutting Indexa-V custom manufactured self-lockingself-centering carbide drill systems are designed with a patented "V" seat to assure axial thrust direction through the center of the tool holder and provide greater stability, better size control and accurate cutting repeatability. Custom indexable tooling and carbide drill systems are made with micrograin tungsten carbide, configured to specific geometry and finish-coated to work in your cutting material. Indexa-V products combine drilling and back chamfering in one operation allowing the drill insert to be changed right in the machine with no resetting for drill length. Indexa-V carbide drill systems come in a wide range of drill diameters 0.4375" (11.11mm) to 1.378" (35.00mm) and are available with 8 standard holder series including short length straight flutes, regular length straight flutes and twist.

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Millstar Tooling

Millstar: An Industry Leader in Producing Carbide Mold Tooling and Carbide Cutting Tools Millstar Profile Milling Tools represent the latest advances in both profile and contour milling technology. As a result of our advanced manufacturing processes, customers see results such as shorter machining and lead times, higher machining accuracy and true contouring results that never fail to please. Millstar die and mold profile tools are designed for conventional profile machining as well as high speed and hard milling with modern machine tools and methods. Our machining accuracy is second to none, and you can count on receiving your machinery quicker than any of our competitors. That is our Millstar promise to our customers, a promise that we never fail to keep. Customers of ours include die and mold machining companies, aluminum extrusion companies, high speed machining mold makers and companies from the aerospace and medical component industries. Insert tooling is typically used in roughing and finishing applications, a state of the art that your company deserves and should be able to count on. Importantly for you, Millstar always delivers the exact results that you seek, meeting or exceeding your expectations with an accuracy and delivery time that will leave you most satisfied and ready to place your next order. Take advantage of the remarkable resources at your disposal on this web site. Our web site contains our entire catalog, along with individual spec sheets for our very popular products. Download them at your leisure. Read our technology articles, watch our HD videos, and be sure to visit our frequently asked question (FAQ) page if you have any questions that need answering. Ready to get started to improve your manufacturing processes with the highest quality milling available? Then Contact Us to begin your journey towards dramatically improving your manufacturing results with shorter lead times, higher machining accuracy and the results that you have been searching the market for.

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Thread Mill Tooling Systems

Omnithread: Global Leader of Thread Milling and Thread Mill Tooling Systems Omnithread thread mill tooling systems provide a wide range of solid carbide thread mills, carbide milling inserts and threading tool holders - each with a threading program formatted to your machine and operation. Omnithread long-wearing solid carbide thread mills are made of special grades of tungsten carbide and coated for various cutting materials and applications. Tooling is designed to complement evolving CNC machining applications and requirements. Thread mill tooling systems provide a more precise thread than standard tapping allowing full (100%) thread height and versatility to accommodate various diameters with the same pitch. Technical service engineers analyze each application and provide guidance through each step - free of charge.

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Providing Top-of-the-Line Tools for Sheet Metal Working, Worldwide Cole Carbide has teamed up with Rivit®, an Italian-based producer and distributor of fasteners, rapid fastening systems, tools and machines for sheet metal assembly. The partnership brings Cole's product offerings and global community to a higher international level. Through Cole Diversified Products (CDP), customers are given access to a wide range of Rivit® installation tools for fasteners, designed to meet working requirements for automotive assembly and other sheet metal applications. Rivit's® products are ideal for the commercial vehicle industry and industrial auto body works. Tool options include hydropneumatic and cordless tools for blind rivets and rivet nuts.

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