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Clevis Hangers

Clevis Hangers:

Clevis HangerComposites USA manufactures pipe hangers for your most demanding corrosion environments. Clevis hangers, in sizes ranging from 2" through 24" diameter (nominal, for IPS outside diameters) are designed and manufactured for rugged industrial use in corrosive environments, such as the 10" diameter example on this page.

Composites USA clevis hangers solve the problem of supporting your corrosion resistant duct or pipe in corrosive atmospheres. The resin and corrosion barrier can be tailored to provide protection from acidic and oxidizing exposures. The hangers are non-conductive and can be formulated to provide retardancy.

Cost effective applications include areas where maintenance or repair is expensive and difficult, or highly corrosive areas where the life cycle cost of fiberglass is lower than competing materials.

All major components are designed for the anticipated loads, using a minimum factor of safety of 3:1. Testing has shown the ultimate load to be well beyond the design load, For example, 3" diameter hangers, designed for 200 lb. loads, showed initial delamination at 850 lb., while the ultimate load was 1800 lb., after considerable deformation. Please contact our engineering department for additional details.

  • Thickness : As required to meet specified loads (0.250" min.)
  • Tensile Modulus (Min.) : 1,500,000 psi (ASTM D-638)
  • Flex Strength (Min.) : 23,800 psi (ASTM D-790)

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