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Fish Meal

Fish Meal

Advantages : With fresh raw material and advanced processing technology, this product is made from high-quality sea fish through the processing of steaming, pressing, drying, and granulation, this kind of product features stable quality, good greenness, thick fragrance, and high content of protein, besides, it is easy to decompose, digest and absorb.






25kg, 50kg/paper-plastic bag

Free from mycotoxin, salmonella, shigellosis and other toxic chemicals.

Free from melamine, feather meal, blood meal and so on.

Moreover free from radioactive contaminations.


Dry Fish Meal protein : 65%

Anchovy Carrier : More Than 65% Protein

Protein : 50%, 55%, 60%, 62%, 65%, 68%, 72%

Fat : ≤10%

Ash : ≤7%

Moisture : ≤10%

Salt and Sand : ≤4%

  • Type : Dry, Organic
  • Use : Animal Feed, Fish Feed, Fish Meal

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