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Our Complete range of products are S-Seals, CNC Metals Machining, Energizer Gasket, Spring Energized Seals and O-Rings and X-Rings.


S-seals are designed to be reliable under the most extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. They are also quick and easy to install, and they can provide prolonged service with minimum maintenance. CTG’s experienced engineers will custom tailor S-seals to your exact requirements, and manufacture 1 or 1, 000 seals to your specifications that same day.

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CNC Metals Machining

Do you have a part that requires a combination of lathe work and fourth-axis mill work? Contact CTG—we will meet your machining needs. Complex geometries and tight tolerances are the kind of challenges we deal with every day, and we can create products from a sample or from a drawing. Do you need your part in a hurry? Our lean manufacturing facility allows us to provide rapid response, whether on custom batches or on production runs, so you do not need to keep a large inventory of critical parts. Our state-of-the-art machines integrate existing engineering design support to quickly transform your CAD data into your product.

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Energizer Gasket

Our customers demand innovation. That's why, despite having the finest low torque gasket available, we set out to make it even better. The new Energizer utilizes a "no-seam" shield providing the thickest protection on the market. For even more demanding applications, we now offer a TFM® shield. Not familiar with the fantastic permeation and compression properties of TFM®? Give us a call and we'll help you choose the best Energizer for your application. For the finest low torque gasket ever created, look no further than CTG.

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Spring Energized Seals

CTG Inc. manufactures PTFE and elastomeric spring energized seals and sealing systems. Spring Energized Seals can be used in static, reciprocating and slow to medium rotary applications. Unlike many other seals where you must size your seal application around standard size seals, the CTG Spring energized seal can be manufactured to your product. While standard size seals are something we make everyday, we make seals in any size needed. Used as piston, rod, or face seals, the CTG spring energized seal is engineered to meet your exact specifications and design intent.

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O-Rings and X-Rings

Both O-rings and X-rings are often referred to by the collective term “seals.” CTG’s experienced engineers will custom tailor a seal to fit your exact requirements, and manufacture 1 or 1, 000 seals to your specifications that same day. O-rings are sized to the SAE standard AS568, which is known as a dash number. Metric O-rings are sized to the actual measured inside diameter. Custom sizes can be developed to suit your applications.

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flat gaskets

At CTG, our specialty is custom applications. We use the most current technology to eliminate the need for expensive dies. We know that when you have a custom application, you are going to need it fast, so we have the automated machinery, the materials inventory, and the expertise to get it done. The type of gasket you need but cannot find, is the type of gasket that we make every day at CTG.

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T-seals are used when an O-ring’s outstanding ability to seal over a wide range of pressures and temperatures is required, but an improved solution with greater resistance to extrusion and twisting is also necessary. T-seals fit into existing O-ring grooves, so no re-machining or redesign of the existing hardware is involved. As a result, field changes and new equipment manufacturing are both made easier. CTG’s experienced engineers will custom tailor T-seals to your exact requirements, and manufacture 1 or 1, 000 seals to your specifications that same day.

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Backup Rings

Backup rings are made of a relatively hard material. They are installed in the gland between an O-ring (or an X-ring) and the low-pressure side of the seal to prevent the O-ring from being forced into the extrusion gap. Backup rings are commonly used when an application operates under pressures exceeding 1, 500 psig, or when components are designed with a relatively large extrusion gap through the gland. Backup rings enable slightly lower machining tolerances and increase the seal performance and seal life. CTG supplies backup rings in different styles, including solid rings, split rings, and double (spiral) rings. We manufacture backup rings in any size, and in your cho

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O-Ring Energized Seals

An O-ring energized seal consists of a lip seal in combination with an O-ring. This type of seal is the optimum sealing choice for static or low-speed applications and for vacuum or high-pressure applications. These radial seals can be used in either a rod or piston style application. The seals can be designed to provide scrapingwiping actions if needed and can be designed for pressures up to 15 ksi. CTG’s experienced engineers will custom tailor a seal to fit your exact requirements, and manufacture 1 or 1, 000 seals to your specifications that same day.

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CTG, Inc. packing sets are light to heavy duty designs that have been in service worldwide for many years in harsh environment applications. The profiles of the packings provide sealing lips which are suited to applications where heavy side loads and high pressure peaks are encountered. Some typical applications for our packings are pistons, hydraulic presses, earth moving equipment, and any other reciprocating andor rotating heavy duty assembly.

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