Dalmar Mfg Co

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Dalmar Mfg Co

Suppliers of Professional model rectifiers, 10 amp industrial grade rectifiers, 20 amp heavy duty rectifiers, 10 amp platers, 25 amp platers, 50 amp platers, 60 amp platers, copper electroforming solutions, copper alkaline tank solutions, copper cyanide solutions, nickel plating solutions, electroless nickel plating solutions, gold plating solutions, silver plating solutions, rhodium plating solutions, electrolytic cleaners, zincate solutions, gold strippers, tank chemical kits, tank plating kits, combination kits, brush plating kits, polishing equipments

Our Products and Services

  • 10 amp industrial grade rectifiers
  • Platers
  • 20 amp heavy duty rectifiers
  • Brush plating kits
  • Combination kits
  • Copper alkaline tank solutions
  • Copper cyanide solutions
  • Copper electroforming solutions
  • Electroless nickel plating solutions
  • Electrolytic cleaners
  • Gold plating solutions
  • Gold strippers
  • Nickel plating solutions
  • Polishing equipments
  • Professional model rectifiers
  • Rhodium plating solutions
  • Silver plating solutions
  • Tank chemical kits
  • Tank plating kits
  • Zincate solutions

Company Facts

Business Type Manufacturer / Wholesale Suppliers

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Dale Miller

11759 S Cleveland Ave - Suite 28, Fort Myers, - 33907, United States

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