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Our product range comtains a wide range of PERMANENT MAGNETS MAGNETIZATION PATTERNS, STELTER ARRAYS Dipoles, Separators, Encoders and Actuators


sotropic magnets, such as Bonded Nd-Fe-B, are unoriented and have no preferred direction; therefore it is possible to magnetize them in any direction. Almost all other materials are anisotropic and have a preferred direction of magnetization. They will exhibit the best magnetic properties when magnetized in the direction of the grain. Higher magnetic flux densities can be achieved with anisotropic magnets that are magnetized in their direction of orientation than with isotropic magnets. The magnetization patterns for your project can be created with the following orientations: Need more details on magnetization patterns?

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Dipoles consist of a pair of magnets across a gap. They come in many shapessizes and the magnets are usually mounted on a steel frame (also called a yoke) for magnetic efficiency, magnetic shielding andor mechanical strength. Dipoles are used when an application requires a specific magnetic field strength and uniformity over a specific volume. Pole pieces are sometimes used to enhance uniformity within the gap.At Dexter, we have built hundreds of different types of dipoles, each optimized for a particular application. Field strengths have ranged as high as 3.0 Tesla (30, 000 Gauss). Generally, higher fields are associated with small air gaps. Higher uniformity is generally associated with large air gaps. Dipoles are used to: Calibrateinitialize magnetic sensors Erase computer hard disk drives Orient thin layers of magnetic material as they are deposited as thin films Divert or focus beams of energized particles We’ve used the dipole principle in these designs:

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Separators are used to separate magnetic materials, such as magnetic beads, from the non-magnetic medium in a vessel. The magnetic separator unit pulls the magnetic beads and holds them using magnetic forces allowing the medium to be removed. Dexter’s LifeSep™ magnetic separators provide an immediate starting point for performing rapid separations in single tubesvessels as well as microtitre plates. Select from one of our patented standard separators or personally work with our team of design engineers to create a custom separator product to fit your needs. Our magnetic separators: Improve the rate of separation Improve wall retention Reduce cycle time Maximize yield Dexter offers standard vessel and tray magnetic bead separation and custom solutions. If you are involved in the design of clinical diagnostic equipment or automated high-throughput applications that rely on biomagnetic bead processing for improving productivity in biotechnology and life science research, Dexter will provide you with results. Learn more about our magnetic separators for medical solutions.

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Magnetic sensors indirectly measure properties such as direction, position, rotation, angle and current by detecting the magnetic field and its changes. Compared to other direct methods, such as optical or mechanical sensor, most magnetic sensors require some signal processing to get the property of interest. They provide reliable data without physical contact even in adverse conditions such as dirt, vibration, moisture, hazardous gas and oil, etc. The most widely used magnetic sensors are variable reluctance, hall effect and reed switch. Automotive crash safety systems use sensors based on a holding mechanism that can be closed or open using electrical current. Hall effect sensors vary the output voltage in response to the changes in magnetic field. Reed switches have two overlapping ferromagnetic blades (reeds) hermetically sealed in a glass tube. When a magnetic field comes to the vicinity of a reed switch, the reeds are magnetized and attract each other, therefore close an electric circuit. Sensor magnets can be simple as a bar or ring magnet for reed sensors, but can also be as intricate and precise as those used in high definition measurements. Such examples are high resolution magnetic encoder magnets. Austria Microsystems makes high performance absolute and incremental linear magnetic encoder ICs, ranging from 8- to 12-bit resolution. One of the encoders require multipole strip or ring magnets, with 1mm±0.024mm pole width. We are proud to be a partner and magnet supplier for a wide range of Austria Microsystems sensor products.

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We design motors and actuators with features such as: High force-to-mass ratios High-speed moving coil designs Capability of withstanding harsh environments. We have extensive experience in designing and producing rotory motors, actuators and voice coil motors. End uses for these devices include semiconductor capital equipment, missile guidance gyros and fin motors, industrial shaker assemblies and factory automation equipment. TYPES We have extensive experience in the design and production of: rotory motors, actuators, and voice coil motors. End uses include semiconductor capital equipment, missile guidance gyros and fin motors, industrial shaker assemblies and factory automation equipment.

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